Truck safe VS Glove box
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Thread: Truck safe VS Glove box

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    Truck safe VS Glove box

    Just wondering how many people have truck/car safes installed? Should you have one to put gun in when you go somewhere you cant carry? Or is the glove box (locked, of course) good enough?

  3. I have a one gun safe bolted to the floor and attached to the drivers seat with a cable for the times I can not bring my CCW someplace. I would not recommend the glove compartment, they are way too easy to get into even without a key.

  4. The safes are inexpensive at $20. While they will not keep out a determined thief, they will be stalled for some time.

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    Truck safe is my option you can pick up one with a 1,500lb wire attached cheap, mine is bolted into truck as is shotgun safe.

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    Although I don't have one I would go with the safe as a glove box is easy to get into. I live in AZ so I don't have to worry about going into some place that doesn't allow guns and I don't go into bars any more. Plus I carry concealed 99% of the time.

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    I have a gun safe in my truck and my car. The only time I use them is when I go to a government building, which is not often.

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    I use a gun safe with the cable wrapped around the seat post, until I can find a better solution.

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    Get a safe with a cable. I use mine for those dreaded govt buildings. I get in the truck and the gun comes out of the safe and in my holster. Also, on vacation, I kept 1/2 our cash in it. Worked out really well.

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    Glove Boxes

    Glove Boxes are a JOKE, May as well leave it on the dash. They all can be popped in under 2 seconds with a screw driver. Get a Floor or Console mounted safe you won't be sorry.

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    My SUV has a built-in space at the back where we keep our guns when passing through Illinois. Otherwise my gun stays with all times. I don't go to a Post Orifice. We pay bills online and send packages via Fed-Ex. I am one of the reasons why our post orifice is going bankrupt. We barely go to any government buildings anymore.
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