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    Looking to buy either a Ruger LC9 or a Walther PK 380. Any suggestions?

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    Glock 26 ;) but if not..... Ruger LC9

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    I'd go with the Ruger, but then again I'm a Ruger fan and might be a tad biased.

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    Save up for a Glock. The LC9 is junk. I've handled a couple, and they are too stiff, shoddily machined, and functionally inadequate. Im a Ruger fan too, but this one hit well below the mark. G27 is your answer.

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    1911 45ACP. If you are going to carry then carry something that will do the job. The little guys are cute and there is an excellent chance you could carry one for fifty years and never need it but if Heaven forbid you ever do then you want something that will do the job.

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    Any caliber will do the job if you do your job. How well can you manage a 9mm? How about the 380? Choose the most firepower you can handle. Firepower is the combination of caliber and capacity, find the maximum you can handle. My opinion on the Walther, the pk is large for a 380. If you can handle a larger caliber in the same size, I would go that route.

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    Off topic, but Scott, aren't your first two sentences completely contradictory? :-)

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    Go with a Glock.

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    i would go what you feel is best for you. shoot both and then make your decision.

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    i like the Glock 17 myself. looking for a mid-side gun to have better concealment.

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