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    So I have a question for fellow carriers. While primarily in Louisiana, I imagine other states have similar laws. Talked to the LSP and while the companies anti gun policy may be on the books, they're under no obligation to post it or where to post it or how big it has to be. Should we push for a signage law like Texas has with their 30.06 signs?
    I know it's our responsibility to know the laws and store policies. Since a liberal officer and over zealous mgr/owner/etc can quickly get one a pair of chrome bracelets, I was just wondering everyone's thoughts. I'm not one for restricting our rights, I just wanna cyoa since no matter how perfect ya dress to hide it, I'd think everyone will slip one day somehow. We're only human after all. The local Circle K is what started this and I learned about it on this site so I took a look for myself. It was buried under all the "cashier doesn't have over $50, can't open safe,.... and then no gun". It was all conveniently visible down low and left behind a trashcan. Needless to say, I won't be back.

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    I don't pay attention to the sign, all they can do is ask you to leave, at least that is our understanding in Oklahoma. I don't see the signs where I live anymore, I guess the owners got so many complaints and lost business for their attitude, they took them down.

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    You stated TX sign law correctly: 30.06 is the only legit sign here - and I have friends that don't respect or adhere to any other sign as they are all otherwise invalid.
    I read posters that say they will respect an invalid sign, and others that say concealed is just that and they pay no attention since the owner won't know. I wouldn't want to start a problem by telling an owner to stick his sign so I generally don't go to these places - why would I give money to a person that does not respect the Constitution and specifically the 2nd?

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