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  1. Hornady Critical Defense

  3. Most JHP that I've tested will spread just a little even when "plugged" producing a squared profile at the nose. Even this failed expansion is better than the slick profile of FMJ. I use 124gr. GoldDot in my normal carry gun and have never had it fail.

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    I had this issue come up in a 3 day LE class I was teaching. I went to a local thrift shop and picked up 4 hoodies, a denim and a leather jacket. I also picked up a large round of beef. On the range I layered the clothes on a single hanger, topping off first with the leather jacket. I placed the round of beef inside the layered clothing.

    Using standard duty ammo from one LEO (Speer Gold Dot 124gr 9mm Luger), I had the LEO fire one round at the target at a range of approx. 21 feet. The round penetrated all layers of clothing without a problem and expanded nicely in the round of beef.

    I repeated the process, this time swapping the leather jacket with the denim one. I had another LEO fire one round at the target, again standard duty ammo (This time Winchester Ranger T 180gr .40 S&W). The bullet had similar results as with the first test.

    I don't see a need to change ammo with the seasons. Find a load that works for you and works well in your firearm, and practice often.

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    How were the steaks when you were done? A bit grainy, I imagine. (I'm sorry...I couldn't help myself)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by golddigger14s View Post
    Hornady Critical Defense year round.
    +1 Critcal Defense for me as well

  7. I usually carry the same ammo through out the different seasons. The one thing to remember is to keep your gun and ammo cool, but don't let it get too cold.

  8. If you gotta worry about changing ammo because folks are wearing a coat, you might be carrying the wrong ammo to begin with.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BIGJOHN621 View Post
    How were the steaks when you were done? A bit grainy, I imagine. (I'm sorry...I couldn't help myself)
    My wife would've taken my gun and pistol whipped my butt if I'd done that to a perfectly good piece of meat!

  10. DRT TerminalShock .40 S&W FHP 105gr all year long.

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    I think well placed shots (assuming i could deliver such in the horror of an attack) with any type of tissue disrupters would work.
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