Winter ammo?
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Thread: Winter ammo?

  1. Winter ammo?

    With winter quickly approaching and people wearing heavier and layered clothing, what type of ammo do you carry? FMJ or hollow point? Usually, I carry 9mm hollow point 147 grain Hornady in my pistol. What do you think is the best winter ammo?

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    This is always the debate. Sometimes the hollow points do "plug" and go straight through like an FMJ would, but I still like my chances with a hollow point. Better ballistics and less liability for over penetration, especially in larger caliber guns usually carried in the winter, as we wear more clothes and can conceal a larger weapon. As for me, I just recently changed from Black Talon/SXT rounds to the new Hornaday Critical Defense ammo. I carry it year round in all of my weapons, from .40 to the .357 or the pocket .380. The rubber tip in the cavity is supposed to help with expansion through heavier clothing, and the tests I have seen have convinced me. They also seem to feed much more smoothly in the automatics than some sharp ended hollow points, such as the Golden Saber.

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    I once read that the only ammo for carry is JHP, and I agree for two reasons:
    1) Expansion increases the desired effect
    2) Ball ammo is more prone to go through and strike other things behind the target
    I have used Federal Hydra-Shok 180g/.40 cal as my standard carry round because of the post that is supposed to keep the cavity clear of windshield glass and fabric, and allows for expansion (plug the cavity and it affects expansion I am told). But I recently came across and bought a case of the Federal HST 165g which hits harder than the Hydra 180g according to Federal's ballistics.

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    i too carry the winchester ranger talons in my xd-sc 40, but when winter hit i box them up and use either winchester pdx-1 or hornaday critical defense. sometimes ill even use pow'er ball ammo to, has the same concept of the CD, but uses a polomer ball insted of a red tip plug.

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    When winter come my EDC will be my Glock 27. Loaded with Gold Speer Gold Dot 124 gr.

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    Hornady Critical Defense year round.

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    Why use FMJ? At worst, the HP will clog and become - for all intents and purposes - FMJ. Seems to me that if you use FMJ then you've already thrown in the towel.
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  9. I don't switch ammo based on seasons. I think the best carry ammo is the ammo you can put on target. For 9mm take a long hard look at the standard pressure federal HST 147gr. Amazing performance year round.

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    When winter comes, I generally switch from my 9mm to .45acp. I still carry the Fed Hydra-shok. But this year i may be switching over to Fed Guard Dog ammo. If i do carry 9mm, I switch over to the Magtech gold +P 124grn load.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    Why use FMJ? At worst, the HP will clog and become - for all intents and purposes - FMJ. Seems to me that if you use FMJ then you've already thrown in the towel.
    Wait does this mean we need to buy CCW towels as well?

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