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Thread: 9mm won't protect you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdmowner615 View Post
    Doc that's incorrect the .22 has killed more men in its entirety.
    The 22 hasn't been extensively used in warfare worldwide like the 9mm.

    Domestic crime is a drop in the bucket compared to two world wars, many minor conflicts, and large scale democide.


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    Same old story, shot placement will work every time no matter what caibre you use. 2 in the chest and 1 in the head will make um dead.

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    It is not the volts that kill you its the amps, any well placed shot can and does kill, carry what you wish but be proficient with it.

    Physics apply 1/2 mass times velocity squared.

  5. Listen. As a former marine who had the PRIVELAGE of using his 9 mil during an Op. I will say that your source is wrong and the 9mm ball will effectively take down a man quickly with proper shot placement.

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    On the other side of the story there is the tragic shooting in AZ where a woman was shot in the head. We do not know the end to that story but she seems to be recovering amazingly well. Well enough to go to DC and cast her vote.

    Then there was the story about some idiot who shot himself in the forehead with his 9mm and talked to the medics all the way to the hospital. He was released no stupider than when he went in.

    I would consider a 9mm for my wife is she decided to carry but might lean toward a 38 super. For myself it is 45 ACP all day every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ_Whitlock View Post
    9mm will do the job with the right ammo and correct shot placement, This is an absurd thread sorry OP.
    Agreed. +1. (this is filler to satisfy post length requirement)
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    I've seen this debate many times, both on this forum and on others, and now, just as I did then, I feel that shot placement is more of a factor in "man stoppability" than caliber is.

  9. I surely enjoy the "i carry 45 all day every day posts", as envious as I am I'd rather not carry a brick around with me everywhere I go :/

  10. There's an old saying " a 380 in the pocket is better than a 45 in the glove-box". Whatever you choose, just make sure you carry it all the time.And of course shot placement is key. Remember MOSSAD used Berreta model 70's for their air marshals and that was a .22!

  11. If you hit the STOP button, it doesn't matter what you use. I've seen .22's and .25's take down full grown livestock instantly but I also watched a guy that was shot by a .25 snatch the shooter out of the car and beat on him until the police arrived.

    Larger calibers like .44's and .45's just give you a little more 'fudge factor' for those times when you don't hit the stop button flush.

    BUT, using a large bore gun isn't a guarantee of effectiveness either. Bill Longley, a Texas badman of the Reconstruction era, was once shot 14 times with a .44 of the era and lived to tell the tale. None of the bullets hit the stop button, so he lived to be hung.

    Aim where you need to, hit what you are aiming at and the rest is immaterial.

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