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Thread: 9mm won't protect you?

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    Is a .22 a pistol caliber? Or a rifle caliber? I always thought of it as a rifle caliber, and that handguns were made to be able to fire them. Another example, the .410 being a shotgun shell that a handgun was made for (judge).
    I once shot a .410 derringer. It was the most vile and evil recoil I have ever felt in a handgun.

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    I agree it's probably not the right caliber for the army or all of the military for what they do but for the civilian population I say it will do the job with the proper ammo and shot placement. As for the comment about more people being shot with the 9mm than any other caliber I'd say it's probably the most carried caliber.

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    I don't think 9mm will stop someone but a .380 will.....like said earlier a well thrown rockis enough depending what your being attacked by a human, dog or even a gelatin block

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    Wait what?!

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    I can't believe that someone would say something like that. Next thing you know he'll say a .22 will stop someone better than a .45 will.

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    Maybe he meant a miss with a 9? Since he referenced back to a miss with a .45 is worthless compared to a well places rock...

  8. From what I read, 9mm and 45 are equal in terms of stopping power. I think the reason is the 9mm speed makes up for the lack of bulk. Something else to consider is the difference a short barrel has on hollow points. I have read that even when picking personal defense ammo a good choice depends greatly on the bullet weight if you have a short barrel. Actually all the carry pistols I carry have around a 3 inch barrel which is short. The book “Stopping Power” says to pick light weight bullets in the caliber you pick. If the higher grained bullets are picked there is likely to be problems with expansion when using short barrel pistols. They list 115 grains +P for 9mm and 185 grains +P for 45 caliber as real good weights to pick.

  9. Quicker follow up shots

    I agree with some of what is said, but I can usually put a group of 3 or 4 9mm out quicker than with my 45 simply because of the lighter recoil. Less recoil = quicker recovery = more shots in the same amount of time.

  10. There has been vast improvements in 9mm Ammo. since when it was tested against other larger Ammo.s The 9mm Kurt (.380) Ammo. Mfg. by Hornady it's their Critical Defense is light years ahead of the old standard 9mm.
    People many times need a smaller carry handgun, and the small 9mm with the new types of Ammo. fill this need without fear of not having the stopping power needed.

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    Confucious say: "One in eye bettah than three in thigh. Size not matter, Grasshopper. Accuracy."

    Just sayin'.

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