9mm won't protect you?
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Thread: 9mm won't protect you?

  1. 9mm won't protect you?

    I agree that the 9mm is not the very best round as a man-stopper, but I just read an article saying it's absolutely no good as a man-stopper; this based on US Army experience in combat. I'm sorry, but apples vs oranges. The US military is required to use non-expanding ball ammo while the rest of us can use modern ammo that expands to transfer significantly more energy to the target than ball ammo. Certianly, the 9mm isn't the 45 ACP, .357 Mag or .44 Mag, but modern ammo available for the 9mm is certianly orders of magnitude better than the ball ammo the Army must use.

  3. Actually if you look at terminal ballistics of major handgun ammo in modern loadings - they're all pretty similar. Some may have better performance on windshields and other "hard targets", but pretty much any "service caliber" in a modern HP loading will perform similarly enough that your choice really should be more about how well you shoot a specific platform/caliber and how many rounds you can cram in the gun... Which is why I shoot a 9mm. Follow up shots are quicker for me and I can carry 18 rounds in the gun.

    See here for more info:

    Service Pistol Duty and Self-Defense Loads - M4Carbine.net Forums
    Ordnance gelatin test assessment for rifle and pistol calibers - M4Carbine.net Forums

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    9mm will do the job with the right ammo and correct shot placement, This is an absurd thread sorry OP.
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    I agree, with proper shot placement " center mass" and hp a 9mm will do the job just fine

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    Untrue, if this was the case, why would it be the must popular caliber for the US Military, and Law Enforcement !

    I trust my life with my G26, loaded with Hornady Critical Defense

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    9mm is fine for personal protection, anyone who says that u need a 4 infront of it is full of it, i can shoot my .40 just as well as a 9, as to why i chose the bigger round, but even then it still dosent beat shot placement, even a .22 will stop a threat.

  8. A well thrown rock has enough stopping power

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    Uhhh, me thinks me doesn't want shot with any of the above mentioned calibers. Any of the previously mentioned caliber will do the job if ya hit the spot. Carry what you prefer.

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    It's my understanding that any caliber will stop a threat if the hits are in the right spot...if one's comfortable with a .380 so be it, it's better than not being able to protect oneself (or one family) at all.

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    More people have been killed with the 9mm than any other pistol caliber!


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