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    Right NavyLCDR, I was maybe wrongfully assuming he did not know how to safely handle this gun. I never said he actually did anything wrong.

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    So apparently, unless you are "qualified" to own a certain item, your access to that item should be regulated, and the government should be doing the regulating. Is that what I'm hearing? So guns, obviously, right. But let's take this logic a little farther. What about reloading equipment and supplies? Goodness, someone could hurt themselves! What about alcoholic beverages? Or tobacco? Do I need a class before I buy those? And aerosol canisters, those are dangerous. And knives, and pokey things too. And flammable liquids! Ah! And matches! Ooooh, and really hot peppers! Sheesh! The whole world is dangerous! Does anyone know a government sponsored clam digging instructor?

    What you are ultimately suggesting is that people are too stupid to know or learn for themselves what is best for their own welfare (except you of course) and that the government exists to fill that role, to save the people from themselves. Such has been the basis of many a socialist regime, including the one ruling our country right now. It sickens me to see people espousing their own subjugation. Because in the end, Cotillion, it will be you as well.

    He who is willing to sacrifice a little liberty for a little security deserves neither and will lose both.

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    Had a police officer during a traffic stop unable to clear my colt due to slide safety, explained it to him prior to his shooting himself or wife, but in purchasing a gun you have the right to do so, clerk did explain and you have no idea if the person purchasing the weapon did not go and seek training. When ever I handle a new gun even if it is one I am very familiar with I like to go over safety as a simple reminder, never hurt.

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    An 8 hour class cannot POSSIBLY cover safe operating procedures on every firearm. Likewise, it's overkill to require even 4 hours on operating a single firearm that you're buying.

    I'd like to see every dealer take purchasers aside for at least 15 minutes of handling procedures for each purchase: load/unload/clear/cleaning breakdown. But when you get in to requiring training, the devil will be in the details. And should someone really have to go through such a class with every purchase? You're adding $$$ to the purchase price at that point.

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    Well, every gun is a little bit different. Mine doesn't even have a slide release. How stupid would I look trying to figure that out at the sales counter?

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    Shoulda seen me when I got my first tank shift motorcycle about 20 yrs ago after 25 yrs of riding experience.. Throw in left hand throttle and a sidecar for good measure. Didn't stop me. Now I have 14 antiques with varying types of shift and throttle positions. I don't even have to lock them when I'M out, no one knows how to drive them, (Except other antique idiots) NO PROBLEM!

  8. Bandwagons are fun!

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    I would not want to be anywhere around,or near that guy. Poeple like him give us responcible gun owners a bad rap. He will probably end up shooting himself,or evem worse somebody standing near him. SCARY!!!!!!!!!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by trophyhunter View Post
    I would not want to be anywhere around,or near that guy. Poeple like him give us responcible gun owners a bad rap. He will probably end up shooting himself,or evem worse somebody standing near him. SCARY!!!!!!!!!
    SERIOUSLY? Tell you what... go find yourself a Hakim rifle and play with that and let's see how proficient you appear to be. So, then we should say the same thing about you. Good grief it's not like the guy pointed the gun at someone in the gun store and dry fired the gun...

    Egyptian Hakim Rifle
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Cotillion View Post
    Hey codger, if it makes you feel any better, given the chance I'd take your drivers license too.
    Sonny I don't know what your problem is but I think you are way out of line.. If you can't intelligently debate a topic or sit back and let other people have opinions also maybe you better lock yourself in your room and grow up a little bit. JMHO

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