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Say what you want about youtube, but there is a lot of firearm experts on it. At the same time it has just as many if not more arm-chair commandos who think they are members of seal team 6 just because they own a glock. If you can find the right channels on youtube you can learn a **** load of information from (proofen experts) with years of knowledge they are giving away for FREE.
Kind of reminds me of one of Bill Maldin's old WWII cartoons (that Patton hated so much):

Willie and Joe are seated against a wall (dressed as grubbily as always) in an alley just off the main drag sharing a bottle of hootch, while a nicely dressed trooper struts by with an aggressive look on his face.

Caption: "Don't worry Willie, he can't be a real combat sojer.... He's LOOKIN' for a fight!"

I wonder about "sheepdog" attitude carriers in the same way sometimes. LOL!