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  1. oh wow!

    At the gun store today and a guy walks up next to me and asks the clerk to see this big ol 45. I can't remember the manufacturer but it was on the bulky side for sure. Anyway the clerk does the safety check and hands the man the gun with the side locked back. The man then stared at it for roughly 2 minutes, then proceeded to try and figure out how to press the slide lock button. Once the clerk taught him how, he said " ill take it", and bought it...

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    Some folks are amazing - even scarier, he'll most likely shoot it once and then think he's good to go

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    even funnier, I once saw almost this exact scenario happen. Then the guy behind the counter said ok, I will need photo ID. The guy reached into his saggy drawers, grabbed his wallet and dropped his weed on the floor (without noticing) another customer stepped up picked it up and put it on the counter next to his ID. Needless to say the transaction never completed LOL.

  5. Flame me all you want but I strongly believe everyone should have to do a minimum 4 hour class, preferably 8+ though. If you can't find the slide release you don't need to own a gun

  6. I think we are all ok he'll probably never use it

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    Cot - Give it a rest...
    Maybe, his best friend has one. Maybe, he is used to revolvers. Maybe, wants to learn and was told a big ole .45 was the way to go. Maybe, he just wanted one because BO thinks he can take em away and he is casting his vote! I don't know. Bottom line... it is HIS RIGHT to keep and bear arms. SHTF and you might be standin next to him as he knocks off a BG and you'll be thinking, "Now where did I see that guy?" Oh yeah.... He did know how to close the slide! Looks like he figured it out!

    I saw an ole boy who looked like he couldn't buy a cup of coffee, pull 48,k out of pocket and pay cash for a vette. (That was 20 years ago.) Weird stuff happens every day.

    Not everyone is an expert like you. You could have made conversation with the guy about his new weapon and helped him instead of making fun of him.

    You are right about one thing... Flamed for class time! I get a little irritated at self-righteous people who want to make rules for everyone. - Sounds too much like socialism / communism.

    Psalm 82:3-5

  8. thank you "IAM2TAZ". i really dont see the issue here

  9. Wow you're right. Thinking someone who obviously can't safety handle a hand cannon shouldn't own one without proper training is just like socialism! I need to keep my eliteism in check, sorry bros and gals. I wonder when they next thread with a link of some idiot hurting himself with a firearm can be posted so the exact same people here can go post the exact same thing I just said and you argued

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    Front Sight has a motto of "Any gun will do if you will do." A bit grammatically challenged, but you get the spirit. Maybe this guy was just gearing up for his first class with the gun that appealed to him most at the time. Shame on him for not entering the game with sufficient skill at arms to impress you at the counter. The nerve! Doesn't he know who you are?

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    I agree with OP to a point, if you can't handle a gun safely or know how it operates in my eyes you should take some sort of firearms safety class or talk to someone about how to properly handle a firearm.

    I'm not trying to say I'm better than anyone, but a lot of accidents happen when someone doesn't handle a firearm properly.
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