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Thread: Smart Technology with Polymer or Steel Framed Firearms

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    My guns already have smart technology, my brain,every time my brain says pull the trigger the gun goes bang. I have had my smart car key go bad and not allow me in the car, I do not wish that to occur to my guns when I need them.

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    The electronics in our brain are sufficient, I was a tech for 20 years and saw my share of vehicles TOWED IN for FAILURE TO START, due to the SECURITY KEY.........NO THANK YOU!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rising2ndSun View Post
    The new auto keys, to my knowledge do not have replaceable batteries but it has some mechanism within that the car recognizes. Therefore, if this same mechanism were embedded into a polymer or metal frame could the firearm be "recognized" and located from a distance by a governmental agency no matter how large or small the equipment?
    It still requires 12volts from the battery to operate...If the battery goes dead the system needs to be RE no bang bang without outside assistant...

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    All things are possible. I would become a great shade tree gunsmith! (Taking them out and putting my gun back together.)
    Just sayin.

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    Dead battery = Boat Anchor

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    Its a chip in the back part of the key its been out for a while. I agree with above one more thing to go wrong. But for full auto firearms? Makes sense but I believe it would be rather simple to take out of said firearm.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rising2ndSun View Post
    Good Day to you all. I was thinking about the smart technology that exists in new car keys. This technology will not allow you to start the vehicle without the key due to some embedded chip the car ignition recognizes.
    1-Is it possible to install similar technology in a firearm where it can be recognized/located from a distance for whatever reasons?
    2-Would this technology be more likely to be installed in Polymer or Steel/Metal frames or both?
    3-Would this technology be installed as embedded stealth technology or would it be necessary for the manufacturer to notify the buyer?

    Thanks in advance for any replies. I look forward to reading your comments and my participating in this discussion.
    Very possible but I hope it never happens. Our idiot government will chomp at the bit to regulate it and control. (NO THANKS!!! We're over-reg'ed as it is.)

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