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Thread: Ruger Lc9 for small 9mm??

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    All of my observations are built upon a foundation of experience. And my preferences for certain brands, are likewise driven by my observations of those brands records of performance. You want to call that myopic, that's fine. I'll even let you continue to misspell it: that's your right. It's also your right as a consumer to settle for buying a weapon that requires a "break-in" period before it will function smoothly. Personally, I will spend my money on a weapon whose manufacturer happens to put out a product that performs flawlessly right out of the box. And I will continue to advocate those products to others. To do otherwise would be irresponsible.

    For you to exercise your own version of brand loyalty to defend a substandard weapon, now that's myopia. And for you to criticise my objective observations, well that just shouts of ignorance.

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    I've had an LCP since 2009 and decided to get the LC9. I have a Glock Model 27 and love it but there is a good reason they call them a Block, they are thick and heavy. The LC9 will sit high and tight in the proper holster and I've found is nearly as concealable as the LCP. The LC9 is certainly easier to shoot than the LCP but isn't really a pocket pistol. One thing to watch with the LC9 is foriegn ammo because some varieties will plug the firing pin channel with primer shavings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usa007:229683
    I been in the market for a compact 9mm lightweight and this seems to call my attention, any suggestions or thoughts on this gun?

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    Thats the Ruger LC9. I have one and think its an fantastic little 9mm. Take some practice to get use to it but most people who have one just love it!

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    Sorry, I'm not a fan. Ive handled a couple, and they do not impress. Ruger should stick with rifles. The LC9 IMHO is too stiff, the action does not seem to smooth out with use, and is sloppily machined. I picked one up in a shop once, and could not drop the slide release with all of my strength, unless using two thumbs. Atrocious. I closed it and locked it back myself again, same situation.

    If you haven't bought it already, don't waste your money. Try a Glock, a Springfield CD or a S&W M&P. Although you probably don't get past the Glock! Good luck.
    It's not meant to be used as a slide release.Ruger suggests the slingshot method.Having said that after a couple hundred rounds it loosens up and can easily used as one easily with one hand.
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    Hey, fair enough. The collective masses seem to favor the LC9 as a suitable concealed carry weapon. That's totally cool. The great thing is that there are almost many gun choices out there as there are personality types, and preferences. In a perfect world, id have enough money to give the LC9 a six month trial period, and ditch it if I didn't get used to it. It ain't a perfect world, so I carry the one with the proven record for reliability, flawless function, out of the box perfection, will eat up whatever ammo you put in it, doesn't require a break in period, doesn't require "getting used to" and doesn't require the "slingshot" method to operate the slide release.

    Peace out.

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    My buddy recently got an LC9 and he & I both love it. It shoots great, has had zero malfunctions in 200 rounds so far, is built like a tank(like all Rugers), & is priced right.

    As far as Glocks, I wouldn't say they are flawless by any means, nor do they not require any getting used to, if your not used to them. I personally can't stand them. They feel terrible in my hand, & I can't shoot them well. For me it's just the opposite, Rugers feel completely natural. I think this is more person to perosn based than brand based.

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    @Providence Ranch

    Sorry for the misspelling...Thanks for pointing it out....Low blow. But that is ok.

    I have Glock, I carry a G36 every day, I have carried it on duty and off duty.

    you say that a Glock does not need a brake in period...Well I disagree, Just look up on the internet "Glock break in period" you will find many, many post indicating that Glocks have issues during the "break in" period.

    So to your experience I say, good for you...I have carried Glock and I owe my life to them.

    but sir...They do have a break in period.

    a gun is a tool, and with tools made by humans, they are not perfect. You will have issues with Glock, Sig, Springfiled, and any other vendor.

    You like Glocks..good for you...You put your life on the hands of a brand, more power to you.

    I'm of the old school the gun is a tool. It does not matter what tool you use, if it works for you use it to finish the job.

    "Having a Gun does not make you armed, just like having a guitar does not make you a musician"

    Good luck. I brake-in my carry gun, I put it thru hell and back, because I have been in hell and I do not want to go back. I bet my life and the ones I love on my skills, not on my tool.

    With that Have a nice Day, sir...

    Spell check it for me please.

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    Man. I guess I lost my spelling teacher... me sad.

  10. To each his own if it works for you fine - my LC9 works for me

  11. Lc9 observations

    Currently my lc9 is en route to Ruger to repair for "light firing pin strike" fail to fire on my second trip to the range with it. For me it was a toss up between the Ruger and the Kahr cm9. I went with Ruger primarily because of the reliability of my lcp and viewed each as primarily a wasteband carry.
    1. The gun has a nice feel in the hand.
    2. The recoil is MUCH less than I anticipated. It is comparable to my Glock 26. very controllable and not flippy like the lcp. My wife had no trouble shooting it -- and she has arthritis and carpal tunnel after 35 years as a legal secretary.
    3. The trigger is long, but smooth. It is easily staged, as with the lcp. Pulling it straight through works very well. It is easy to get used to and readily become a non-issue. In fact, I have even accidentally "double tapped" it - as with my Glock and M&P.
    3. Due to age factors, I am satisfactorily accurate with it. My son shot it for the first time and placed all rounds within the orange 4" round target at 15 feet.
    4. The small lever on the side is NOT a slide release. I was informed by Ruger that it is merely a slide stop. It is not designed to release the slide and strip a round into the chamber - as required by Kahr firearms. This is my only complaint. It is part of the magazine disconnect system -another attempt to protect themselves legally by "over-safetyifying" a handgun.
    5. Great service. Within an hour of contacting Ruger I was on my way to the UPS Station to drop off my package - Pre-paid and insured by Ruger - and overnight-air next day shipping.

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