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Thread: Ruger Lc9 for small 9mm??

  1. I purchased my LC9 a few weeks ago as my primary carry gun. This was my first experience with a DAO and I found that I was pulling the gun down when shooting at first due to the longer trigger pull. After the first 100 rounds I started getting use to and did alot better.

    The recoil isn't too bad although after a 100 rounds or so it does start to wear on me a bit. I put a Crimson Trace Laserguard on it and now I feel I have the perfect combination for concealed carry. It will replace my Sig P239 for conceal carry.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by alduane View Post
    I've had an LCP since 2009 and decided to get the LC9. I have a Glock Model 27 and love it but there is a good reason they call them a Block, they are thick and heavy. The LC9 will sit high and tight in the proper holster and I've found is nearly as concealable as the LCP. The LC9 is certainly easier to shoot than the LCP but isn't really a pocket pistol. One thing to watch with the LC9 is foriegn ammo because some varieties will plug the firing pin channel with primer shavings.
    Do you know if there are any gaps between the firing pin channel and the loaded cylinder indicator? I had an issue with light firing pin strikes not firing the cartridge. If so, it would seem that the movement of the indicator arm up and down each time the gun is fired could inadvertently push powder and debris (or pocket lint) into the firing pin channel causing it to eventually hang up.
    Thanks for your insight!

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    I got a Ruger LC9 today to use as my conceal carry. I have been using a Ruger LCP380 as my conceal carry.A lot of people were telling me the LCP380 didn't have enough kick to do a good job in the winter when people had heavy winter close on.I like the safety on my Glock's better than what the LC9 has with the Glock you don't have to fumble with a safety switch when time is the most important.I had planed to get a Glock 26 9mm or a Glock 27 40cal but ended up going with the Ruger LC9 because of the price differences.

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    I bought the LC9 on Friday and range tested it last night, the trigger bull was very long. Accuracy for a small gut was good, I shot it from 3 yards to 10 yards for my first test.

    At 5 yards I could shoot the middle of the target with no problem, at 10 yards it tended to scatter a little more but stayed true to aim. Nice and snappy but not an unbearable recoil. It conceals nicely either in my pocket or in my IWB holster. The only issue that I had was the long trigger it caused the scatter of rounds at longer ranges so practice practice practice! No misfires, shot 100 shots of Federal ammo from Walmart. Magazine only holds 7 so had to reload often. I just wish that it came with more than one magazine.

    Cleaning was not bad either, it will get better as it gets borken down more. the breakdown lever that holds the pin in is a little stiff and its a little awkward having to pull the slide bace slightly to push the pin out but went smooth.

    Overall very nice gun!
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  6. I looked at it and liked it, but went with the SR9C since I'm a southpaw. So far, I've been very happy with the SR9C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stingray2100 View Post
    Man. I guess I lost my spelling teacher... me sad.
    Ok, since you're so broken up about it...

    I didn't realize any gun had a "brake" in period. Would that be disk brakes or drum brakes? Now a "break-in" period, that I'm familiar with. And yes, even Glocks "have" one. They just dont "require" one, which is what I originally said. There's a difference, if you care to know. Unlike some other brands, you don't need to wait for a Glock to get through this period before you can expect functional reliability. They're good right out of the box. :-)

    And since we are on spelling, it would seem to be my duty to point out that its "Springfield," not "Springfiled."

    Guess I'm a little picky when it comes to writing. My apologies, if I've offended you. I suppose I just figure if a guy can't get the small stuff right, how should I or anyone else trust him with the big stuff?

    Glad I already have an instructor.

  8. I have a LC9 and love it!...Shoot it does my wife and 11 year old grandson and both love it!!

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