Ruger Lc9 for small 9mm??
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Thread: Ruger Lc9 for small 9mm??

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    Ruger Lc9 for small 9mm??

    I been in the market for a compact 9mm lightweight and this seems to call my attention, any suggestions or thoughts on this gun?

    Ruger Lc9 for small 9mm??-ruger_lc9_05.jpg

  3. There are a lot of threads on this site with comments on the LC9. I have one and love it. It conceals great and shoots straight. Its pretty light so the recoil is a little heavy. Make sure you shoot it before you buy it if possible to be sure its for you. Good luck

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    There are some others out there that are good for conceal ability like the Ruger SR9C (24 oz) and the Walther PPS (19.4 oz), the LC9 is 17oz. Definitely try before you buy. You may not like the recoil in the LC9. I can tell you that the recoil in the Walther and the SR9C is not too bad though.

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    I think its a great gun, and I have been looking at it also.
    My only issue is it is double-action like the Ruger LCP .380 which I carry mostly.
    I've been told that double-action is usually better for carrying and all, but I am so used to shooting my SR9 and SR9C single action guns (well actually a striker-fired).

    My Ruger LCP .380 has a really long pull, I think the LC9 is a bit shorter but try it out and get a feel for it first.

    Good luck.

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    I carry a LCP (.380) regularly and bought an LC9 a couple of weeks ago.

    I don't find the recoil uncomfortable at all.

    I ran about 225 rounds through it on the first trip to the range on Monday with absolutely no issues. There are a limited number of holster combinations available right now, but the number seems to be growing almost daily.

    The trigger pull is long (like the LCP), but is much smoother throughout the stroke.

    The adjustable sights are a welcome addition to a small gun.

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    I have a Ruger LC9 (won on this forum!) and it's my carry gun almost all the time. I carry it in my pocket in an Uncle Mike's size #3 pocket holster or on my belt in a deSantis holster. Its recoil is really not bad and with the magazines with finger extensions, it's easy to hold on to. It shoots straight and has a good quality feel and IT'S MADE IN AMERICA, which means something to me.
    Alan, TN

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    Sorry, I'm not a fan. Ive handled a couple, and they do not impress. Ruger should stick with rifles. The LC9 IMHO is too stiff, the action does not seem to smooth out with use, and is sloppily machined. I picked one up in a shop once, and could not drop the slide release with all of my strength, unless using two thumbs. Atrocious. I closed it and locked it back myself again, same situation.

    If you haven't bought it already, don't waste your money. Try a Glock, a Springfield CD or a S&W M&P. Although you probably don't get past the Glock! Good luck.

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    I've had my LC9 for about a month now and so far I love it. Iv'e put about 300 rounds through it with no FTE's or FTF's. It seems like it will be my main carry piece.

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    I have put 1000 rounds through my LC9 and have had no issues. Though the slide release is stiffer than on my M&P, I can still release it with one thumb. I just tested it again after reading Providence ranch's post.
    Alan, TN

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    Oh hell here comes the Glock stuff again.

    the Ruger LC9 needs a good breaking time, just because you pick up a gun in a shop and you can not pull the slice and release it with your thumb you can not bash it. I have and carry a G36 and when I got it was sticky and rough too. machined rough? really. My LC9 has no issues and I have seen many LC9 with not internal issues.

    Do not get me wrong. I have Rugers,glocks and springfields they are all good and they get better when you use them. Ruger makes guns that are built like tanks, Just like glock.

    lets keep it real guys. Brand miopic is not good for providing information.

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