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    Quote Originally Posted by jtg452 View Post
    I wouldn't wear any of the 'concealed carry clothing' stuff if it was given to me.

    The object of concealed carry is to blend in with the rest of the world while still being armed. Wearing all that "Tactical" Ted stuff isn't blending in, it's standing out.
    I agree, hense the various comical replies I have made on this thread.

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    I agree with AJ- Don't waste money on things that look like fishing vests and really wild/out there stuff. I get pants at Salvation Army, Goodwill, Wal-Mart, and Target. They all need to be one size larger, or like eaccents said, make a fist. I bought some cheap sport coats at Target and JC Penny, and Old Navy. I can wear solid-color t-shirts with them. I can wear casual or dressy button-down shirts with them. I also got some cheap Hawai'ian-style shirts ("Aloha" shirts is what they are called)for summer weather. The Aloha shirts I got at Wal-Mart are subtle colors like steel blue, pewter gray, maroon, light green, etc. Every one of them has palm trees stitched into them that are barely one shade of color different than the shirt itself so that they are not 'tacky'-looking. For cooler months I get out the sports coats and longer-length jackets. People always ask me 'Why sport coats?' My answer in that I look professional and have gotten people interested in hiring me simply because I look more professional.
    For holsters, I use my Crossbreed and Kholsters almost exclusively. I prefer the kholster because the leather piece is huge and protects my ribs from being rubbed raw by the grip of the gun. The back piece of the Crossbreed isn't big enough to protect my ribs. The kholster also has a wider range of angle adjustments.
    There is a blog about shoulder holsters and others about which holsters are best, etc
    Long story made short- shoulder holsters are bad. Waist packs have their place, but learn how to draw your gun safely with them. Same with crossdraw holsters. Those all have one fatal flaw (no pun intended): When you present the gun, make sure you know what is behind and next to you. Horizontal holsters all point the gun at everyone behind you, meaning everyone in the checkout lane at the store, at your own children in the back seat of your car, etc.
    Another issue I see with all of these: When you draw the gun, raise the elbow of your off-side arm above your shoulder- this is called a 'chicken wing' and (hopefully) prevents you from shooting out your own brachial artery. For those who don't know what that is, the brachial artery is on the inside of your arm, from the armpit down to the elbow. If you get hit there, you will bleed out very quickly and yes, probably die.
    The underwear holsters (no offense) have their place, but I'm not wild about having a gun pointing at my twins, or at my femoral artery (inside your thigh/groin area).
    I'm not even sure what else to say other than to write my own book...LOL. Hope this helps...

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    Do you really need special clothing for CC? I think not! Just use what you got. No need to break the bank!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE:229822
    CCW Cape,
    CCW sash,
    CCW mask, because concealed means concealed,
    CCW headband,
    CCW Pimp Cane,

    And of course,
    CCW Badge on one of those neck chain CCW Badge holder thingies.
    I like that I'm going shopping tonight

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    Check out 5.11 Tactical's website. I wear their vests almost exclusively.

  7. What works for you is what works for you. I carry a Springfield XD9SC in an OWB daily under a nuntucked sport shirt. I'm a big guy - 6'2" amd 265, and I easily conceal it. Dark colors and patterns are your friend. A good belt/holster combo that holds your gun tight against your body is also your friend. Not being self conscious also helps.

    Carry in Peace.

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    Tsk Tsk, you forgot your red and blue mini strobe lights on your shoulders!!!!! Such negligence!!

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    On the topic of spending money...

    I didn't spend too much money on my stuff- I got a lot of pants at Goodwill for $3.00 to $5.00 per pair. I also get work pants there because if I damage a pair, who cares? I spent $3-5.00! Same with other stuff I bought- I bought a ratty sport coat for a training I had- $7.00! It got demolished in the training- but who cares, for $7.00?
    It's just a tip...
    BTW: Regarding those CCW vests/fishing vests/photographers vests; I can spot those a mile away and almost tell what gun the person is carrying. Wear something that blends into any crowd and something you can buy pretty much anywhere.
    No, it doesn't have to cost money- have a spouse/partner/best friend/(whoever you trust most) watch a 'fashion show' with your current wardrobe and see what does/doesn't "print".

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    Dont let these guys and gals fool ya, You need to spend lots o' $$. But, it will be on a good belt and holster. As for me, I carry my XD 5" in a Fobus rotoholster under the clothes I had before obtaining my permit. The only addition to my wardrobe was the belt, hoster and gun. I like the paddle holster a bit better because I can rearrange where it sits on my body without having to remove a belt. When driving, my xd sits on my hip, right by the seatbelt clasp. When walking, its at about 1 o'clock, or abdomen carrying. My t-shirts cover it nicely and the only reason Ive had to buy bigger shirts is due to the fact Im getting fatter.
    My way is not better, it is just mine, your way is not better, it is just yours.
    Carry what your comfortable with, there is no "Supergun" Carry how your comfortable, open or concealed, so you have it with you when you need it

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    No changes in clothing for me. Primary carry is IWB.

    I wear normal pants in the winter and shorts during the summer.

    Biggest difference for me was the belt, quality is best.

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