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    "How the heck can you shoot 2.8 bullets?" you ask in regard to the report? Ever hear of "average". I'll give you an example.

    Hector burns 10 U.S. flags while in Texas. Five burned completely in 3 minutes, four burned in five minutes and one burned in 6 minuts. Most people would say that 5x3 + 4x5 + 6, divided by ten gives an average of 4.1 minutes. But hell, I say tattoo an American flag on Hectors forehead.
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    Since this thread seems to be moving to "caliber and bullet weight" discussion, a read of "The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry" by Massad Ayoob (2008, available on Amazon, for one source) has a very broad and good discussion of self defense rounds and their balistics. Certainly there are others similar; but Ayoob speaks from a lifetime of experience.
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    50AE, because a 325gr. JHP with a muzzel velocity of 1400 fsp has both weight and speed.

  5. One shot, two shots or twenty seven point eight, if you're facing Godzilla ... but the real estate rule still trumps all, "location, location, location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retiredman View Post
    Not so in this state! I know a cop that shot a perp 27 times, and walked away. The reason!

    He still had a gun in his hand, and just killed my friend, so I kept shooting till it was out of his hand.

    I didn't want to be next!

    No charge - You sir are in error!
    And in Florida, we had read about this guy who was shot 68 times and the officers who shot him walked away too. I just love it when the coroner was asked why the guy died from "natural" causes. He said "If you were shot 68 times, naturally you will die!"

    Sorry about your friend, retiredman...
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
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  7. Shooting another person is the last thing any sane person would want to do. But if it must be done, keep at it until there is no longer a threat.

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    The shooting incidents I read about all have different circumstances and no two are the same. So I suggest that no matter what the majority opinion, or the outcome, or legal actions, each situation merits its own examination and conclusions. And there is no way to presuppose my actions.

    If I need to make some decisions, I start with the basics:
    1) Why do I carry? To defend myself from serious harm or death
    2) How do I defend myself from serious harm or death? With overwhelming response ie. deadly force
    3) What type of deadly force? A firearm
    4) How do I apply deadly force with a firearm? By hitting the target with sufficient effect

    So taking the 4 points into account, I use a reasonable caliber (.40 for me) and have trained and conditioned myself to apply without hesitation an adequate amount of deadly force to accomplish the objective, which can mean very likely more than one shot.

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    retiredman asks for opinions, then argues. mmmmm.
    So here's mine:

    Educated people understand averages.

    Facts are that a justifiable shooting is firing the weapon until the threat is neutralized.

    Once the perp starts to fall or has landed on the floor, the threat is PROBABLY neutralized, but watch the perps gun hand closely. Additional shots might be required.

    Most everybody realizes that the holes in the perp and even the bullet strikes on the environment can be determined to have been shot when the perp was going down, etc. i.e. after the threat has been neutralized.

    Excessive use of force will get the defender charged with a crime.

    High adrenalin/panic situations advocate that the defender usually misses his intended target and the elusive "one shot stop" from his "magic bullet of the month" is lost to paniced aiming and hurried firing. Consider also that if there are more than one armed perp, the odds of downing more than two are slim to none. Clock time necessary to fire off your rounds allows the third perp to pop YOU. This is real life, not the movies.

    As I have often said, "An eyeball hit with a .22R is better than a miss with a .44 Magnum."

    Did you see the video of the pharmacist who emptied his gun and then got his shotgun to finish the downed perp? HE has a serious legal problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sFe:229830
    Even a miss with a .22 is often efficient enough to stop a threat.
    Thats true in a sense. Even the sound of the gun going off is enough to have the BG running like a bat out of hell

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    The point of my disscusion is! -- When shooting you don't use mathematical numbers to stop someone.

    They're only good to those that make them. When you shoot you do what you have too!-- Excuse me sir should I use a average when I kill you, or use what ever it takes.

    Reports don't mean anything to someone in fear of their life. You do what you have to -- to survive.

    Shoot until the threat is gone and then tell them to add that to a statistic.

    Why else would people carry a extra mag with them? Hell just carry One bullet! -- No wait that was Barney Fife. Better carry 2.8 shells.
    Crime has no boundaries - Carry Safe!

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