Pistol Practice with 22
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Thread: Pistol Practice with 22

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    Pistol Practice with 22

    I have a 9mm P&M Smith and Wesson, ammo is costing me X dollars a box per 50 rounds.
    I was wondering if it makes sense to purchase a 22 pistol that is the same weight and size as this pistol to shoot more/practice with cheaper ammo?

    Good idea or bad idea?

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    A new Smith and Wesson M&P 22 costs $400.

    It will pay for itself over time in savings. Question is, how much time? How long does it take you to shoot up $400 of ammunition in your full-size M&P?
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  4. Is there really a reason not to buy another gun? I bought a .22 (beretta neo) which is totally different in size, weight and balance than any of my other guns (1911, beretta px4, lcp) because it is cheap to shoot and, no matter the size and weight of a pistol, basics are basics. If you can improve with one gun you'll be better with most.

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    I purchased an air riffle because I can shoot that in my yard without issues. It is a much different experience than shooting a high powered riffle but it's still shooting. My goal is to build up that muscle memory and make shooting more natural.

    Having a similar size/weight/mechanical firearm will help build that memory more exact but having anything to practice basic skills/techniques will help.

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    Recently bought a Walther, P22 great pistol. I can shoot a hundred rounds for $12. This is a lot cheaper than practicing with my Glock 17.

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    You will shoot a lot more if you purchase a .22 for practice. All of your practice will transfer to any other gun. With a .22, recoil is the only major difference, so don't stop shooting your 9mm, but trigger work and sight picture will transfer.

    So that you have a goal to work toward, get this book from the NRA. It will give you a program so you are accomplishing something as you shoot. It has programs for Pistol and Rifle, as well as Air Guns.

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    Thumbs up Rimfire Shooting

    And they were bringing rimfire shooters to his shooting range that he might let them get a lane on his rifle range, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, "Let the rimfire shooters come to me and set up in an empty lane on my shooting range; do not hinder them, for to such belongs at the gunclub of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not practice at my rifle range like these rimfire shooters shall not become a member of the gunclub of God." And he took them in his arms and blessed them, and gave them a twenty percent off coupon for their next purchase at Cabelas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garybtt View Post
    Recently bought a Walther, P22 great pistol. I can shoot a hundred rounds for $12. This is a lot cheaper than practicing with my Glock 17.
    I have one also. I got it to teach my wife better marksmanship. She was a QUICK learner. (She puts together quick fire "groups" from her .357 S&W "snubby" that frankly impresses me! ... and I ain't no slouch when it comes to putting rounds on target myself.)

    So now it is kind of redundant, but still inexpensive to shoot. We take it to the range every other month or so now. (No sence letting a perfectly good pistol collect dust in the safe.) LOL!

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    I think most of us have a .22 one way or the other -- mainly because it is cheap and much more, it is fun.
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    The p22 was $259 dollars but I was reading about bad reviews online the slide was coming off during shooting? I'd like to hear from a few of you if this is total bs or true.
    I really like the p22 grip.

    Also a 500 round box of 22's is $12 dollars, I was planning on shooting at the club every Monday night with some others.

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