Yet Again ANOTHER Group Attacking Innocent Citizens!
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Thread: Yet Again ANOTHER Group Attacking Innocent Citizens!

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    Yet Again ANOTHER Group Attacking Innocent Citizens!

    I don't get it... guess they won't 'get it' until someone gives it to them
    Motive Unclear In Attack By Group Of Teens On 16th Street Mall CBS Denver

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    I don't think it will be long before they pick the wrong person(s).

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    Sad. I have not spent much time in Denver. We usually travel to Colorado twice a year, but usually stay further west.

  5. My son and I are at odds about the proper response to this type of assault. Part of our difference is that he usually travels alone and I with spouse and/or MIL. His plan is full retreat if possible while mine is fort up at the first defensible spot where I can cover 180* or less. Another point is that he carries a small 6-7 shot 380 w/1 extra mag and I carry a full size 9mm 15 shot with at least 1 extra mag. In addition, he's 32, 6'1",180 and I'm 60ish, 5'9", and 160. If push comes to shove and an attacker was injured, I'd be on much more legally defensible ground than he(his thoughts-not mine)especially if I had 1-2 dependants to protect.
    I don't think these "mobs" would push the issue with an armed victim but that's an unknown until it happens. I might outrun a teenager but seriously doubt it and I sure won't turn my back for long. If there's 50 of them I'll get overwhelmed but the last thing I do will be slide my pistol under a car and there won't be 50 leaving the scene(unless carried).

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    He is on pretty sound grounds anytime it is more than one on one, attact numbers will overpower me but will be dialing 911 and will be sending a few to their maker, just posted on another thread I now carry 4 extra 8 round mags as well as one in gun and would hope the first rounds would make the others think, but if not am ready, willing and able to defend myself till the end.

    PS: for all the anti gunners out there, where were the POLICE????????
    Dial 911 and wait.

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    Doubt the anti SD crowd is reading. If this happened to me or me and the wife, who is also always armed, I think a number of the attackers will not fare well.

    Shame...I always enjoy Denver, if not downtown.

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