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    Gander Mountain Academy

    Has anyone else used the Gander Mountain simulation ranges? I recently used one and I was not impressed. There are positives, you can shoot 180 degrees or 300 degrees and it is slightly more accurate and realistic than say Big Buck Hunt at the local watering hole, BUT it is VERY expensive for what you get.

    My session was "30 minutes" more like 15 for $37.50. If the cost were 1/2 that, I think it would be much better but still pretty expensive.

    I did not use the 10yd live fire range but that runs $25.00 for 1 hour, still a tad high for this market.

    I would just like to hear anyone else's feedback, perhaps I just had a bad run?

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    I'm hoping it's just you. I've been planning to visit the location just outside of Orlando when I take a few days off.

    You didn't say which location with which you were disappointed.
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    Top Gun Range

    Have never tried Gander Mountain Academy
    However last night was at Top Gun Range in Houston,TX
    Took there intro to hand gun course. I had never fired a hand gun
    and have not had a gun course since Basis Training in 1965.
    Instructor was great had worked for DOJ and was very good.
    Course was 2 hours and cost was high $125 for course and total of $42
    to rent a gun and buy a box of ammo. But I learned alot and found it
    worth while will send the wife there for there ladies only course
    end of the month.

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    I was at the Lakeville, MN location and I only did the "180" simulation course. There was an employee with me to run the software but no instruction. Basically, if I could shoot that good in real life, I'd have no worries, or perhaps if you do similarly as well, maybe we are both better than we thought?

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