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Thread: Practice with no hearing protection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by revjen45 View Post
    Anything that makes your ears ring has damaged your hearing. I have LOUD tinitus, mostly from industrial noise and it sucks. +1 that it can lead your wife to think you aren't listening to her. I hear a lot of stuff that makes no sense because I didn't hear what was really said.
    Ummm. I also have the 'industrial' tinitus from 20+ years in machine shops. And I'm married for over 37 years. The "hearing stuff that makes no sense" thing is not from tinitus.... it's from being married. (snicker)

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    We have several dogs ... they can hear "dinnertime" just fine but "don't run after that cat!" blows right past them ... lol ...

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    my hearing is not the best , i fired off a couple rounds of 40 s&w rounds with no ear plugs and will not do that again anytime soon.left ear rang for two damn prefer to keep what hearing i have left intact.

  5. Eh? Huh? Speak up, dagnabit! I can't hear you!!!

    (Actually, I do use hearing protection whenever possible because I already have hearing loss of 60% left ear and 40% right ear resulting from 15 years as a sound engineer.)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TekGreg View Post
    I think this thread also brings into consideration something else for the shooter's hearing safety and the general peace of the public: legal suppressors. Suppressors are much easier to obtain in the states that allow them, can make practice very safe and quiet to the neighbors, and are much smaller and more effective than they used to be. Some people still attach a James Bond-type mystique to them, but I think like open carry, they are becoming more and more acceptable.

    In a self-defense situation that required a quick presentation, you obviously wouldn't use a suppressor, but given any prep time, some even have quarter-turn, quick-attach fittings that could be deployed in less than two seconds. Imagine how scared a BG would be to stare down a suppressed barrel and wonder why he was stupid enough to mug a CIA agent!
    ... but have you priced one of those things lately? Geesh! You can buy another fine weapon for the price of a suppressor. I was shocked!

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    Go to walmart, buy the cheep (about 30$) amplified/damping ear buds. They will amplify sounds under 20 decibel but at 70-80 they shut down and act like ear plugs. I use them everyday I carry. You never know if your going to shoot.

    Btw. The cheep small ones are not that noticeable, the 60$ ones are slightly smaller and if your willing to spend the money get them and use them when you go hunting as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Sure didn't, that's why I'm F---ing Deaf now. Don't do it.

    FWIW one of the most common complaints for returning vets is hearing loss
    What did you say? I couldn't hear you.

    Your hearing may be damaged by firing a pistol inside a closed space. Many of us 60ish people shot for decades w/o ear protection and now have hearing loss. I have over 50% loss but I also subjected my ears to 40 years of open station tractors and industrial equipment. It was just a fact of life in the 60's and 70's. I don't intentionally shoot centerfire handguns w/o earplugs but I also don't fall to the ground screaming if I need to shoot w/o ear protection. Given the choice between ear and eye protection, I'll go for the glasses everytime.

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    The chances of you actually firing your weapon in a SD situation outweight the RISK of damaging your hearing! Always wear ear protection!

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    Do not fire a firearm without hearing protection. I had mild hearing loss from working many years in factories and machine shops, but did not need hearing aids.

    Some years ago, my son arrived early at my house for our Christmas celebration, and wanted to do a little shooting before the rest of thye family arrived (I lived out in the country at the time, and could shoot in back yard). So got out my Ruger MkII for my son, and then decided I would try out the Ruger Vaquero (.45 long Colt) that I had owned for about a year, and hadn't fired. I gave my shooting muffs to my son, as I was "only" going to fire 6 rounds one cylinder) from the Vaquero. On the first shot, I felt a sharp pain in my left ear, and lost about 80% of my hearing in that ear for about 3 days. I improved somewhat over the next week, but soon after I bought a set of hearig aids.

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