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Thread: 25 cal is it good for a carry gun

  1. I guess it depends on how lucky you are on the day you need it. A little over 30 years ago, I was shot twice with a 25. One went through loose skin on my right biceps,entered the skin of my forehead and slid between skin and skull for over 1", exited and reentered my left biceps stopping under skin there(yes, I had my hands up). Second shot entered skin center of forehead just at hairline and slid between skin and skull for about 3" and was removed by a slight slit in scalp(foolishly turned my head to look at him after first shot). I looked like I'd been smacked in the head by a 2x4 and there was a LOT of bleeding but no real damage except some odd scars now. BTW no visit to DR.
    I sure didn't go chasing after the shooter so I guess he acheived his goal but the result was less than expected.

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    I try to carry enough gun for the task. (... and enough extra ammo for multiple tasks!)

    On the other hand, certain times of the year, you carry what you can sucessfully conceal. I "carry" my Beretta .32 Tomcat in the Summer and heavier artillery in the Winter. The car always has a "heavy" piece in it.

    Like anything in life, going about armed is not a "sure thing". You pays your money and takes your chances. Going armed just improves the chances a bit...... STILL no guarantee!

    You carry what makes you feel comfortable. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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