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Thread: Whats your thoughts on the pf-9?

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    I have had a PF9 for a couple years and altho I don't carry it often any more (went to .40 s&w) I like it - goes bang when it should and hits what you point it at... and easy to conceal... not much fun to shoot a lot of rounds thru because of recoil and a fairly heavy trigger but overall a good carry gun in 9mm...

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    I'm finding it impossible to find one parkerized and I'm not keen on the chrome bling... the blued are everywhere.. any ideas to finding a good price on parkerized? My local shop has the blue for $255 the HC for $275 and can't even find a listing for the parkerized...

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    Owned one, and I hated it, extremely hard trigger pull couldn't hit anything consistently with it, Sold it. Just few magazines on the range and it made my arm HURT from the trigger pull. The rounds went everywhere, I figure that was mostly cause of the long hard trigger pull, & it kicked as hard, if not harder than my .45.

    But I now own a Ruger LCP .380 LOVE IT. Want an LC9 ASAP. (Have a Taurus PT-145 and I like it except for the faulty Magazines that if I put more than 6 rounds in I get FTL, so I wouldn't buy another Taurus, they sent me 2 new mags and they do the same thing, plus you cant get an e-mail from them to communicate with them, and the phone guy was an A'hole.)

    Anyway I have never gotten a bad gun from Ruger, ever, Love them all. Bad experiences with Taurus and Kel-Tec, but never Ruger and the price is right, sure its a little more than Kel-Tec, but not that much. I love my LCP but it is too light a round for winter carry IMO. So I want the LC9 and Would like to see an LC40 or .45 on the market soon.. Hay I can dream cant I?

    My Husband has the Jimenez Arms J.A. .380 it is very cheap, but his shoots well even if it is heavy compared to the LCP and Kel-Tec. He really likes his and carries it most of the time when he carries. It is a much better shooting gun then the Kel-Tec and more reliable too. weighs more but if you want cheap you cant get any cheaper. I would buy one of those B4 I ever got another PF9. Jimenez Arms has small 9mm's which are easy to hide, but again, they weigh more, but that weight does make them more accurate to shoot, and they hide just as easy as a lighter poly gun, cause they are the same size, you do get used to the weight. Jimenez is cheaper than Kel-Tec and if you want something cheap to carry they are better guns.

    I have a Ruger Mark III .22 for plinking, We used to have 2 Ruger Mark IIs that got stolen from us years ago, LOVED them, Just can not find anything bad to say about Ruger... Good luck.

    (I have a Rossie .357mag revolver with a long barrel. never had any trouble with it, except for ringing ears, but then revolvers tend to be reliable)
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