Floyd Mayweather 42-0 Puts Larry Merchant in his place!!!!!
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Thread: Floyd Mayweather 42-0 Puts Larry Merchant in his place!!!!!

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    Floyd Mayweather 42-0 Puts Larry Merchant in his place!!!!!

    Simply one today's best fighters!!! youtube.com/watch?v=3M9EXHLs4mA

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    Those of us who know the sport of boxing know how Larry Merchants comes off it was just a matter of time!!!!! Listen to the reff at start of every fight he clearly states protect yourself at all times!!!!!! Just as each one of us do on a daily basis we carry to protect ourselves at all times!!!!! GOTTA LOVE HIM!!!!! 42-0 WOW!!!!

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    Floyd is an A$$. Step up and fight the real champ, if he has the guts, which I doubt he does.

  5. Mayweather may indeed be an a$$, but he DID win the fight.

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    he may of won the fight but he is a classless a$$ ho&# in my opinion. he talks all the trash he can but he ducks the fighters that will whoop him like he need to be. hell id even fight him and i have zero boxing background. well other than mma style.
    with all the $$$ u make u still cant buy class or take the man out of the ghetto.

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    Good for Floyd. This was a fight not a social event!

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    I see only a few of you guys understand the sport of boxing!!!!! He is a A$$!!! A Bad A$$ !!!!! MADE IN MICHIGAN!!!!

  9. Those who live in las Vegas know Floyd is no different then jamal, the drug dealing welfare collector down off 83rd st cuz

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    LOL yeah a $70,000,000.00 drug dealer LMAO!!!! Its lonely at the top!!!!!

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    What the hell does this have to do with General Firearms?

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