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    Best choices?

    I also posted this in another section, but then I found this and I think this section is the better place to ask...

    So this is the first time ever looking into/considering getting a weapon. I was curious what gun would be suggested for defense of a family - someone basic that someone ranging from 22 yrs to 75 yrs old (the range of age in our household) could handle.

    This would be more for defense at home, not a concealed weapon to be carried around.

    On a second question, what kind of handgun would you suggest for personal defense that could be carried around for a novice.

    Thanks alot!

    PS - if you're going to tell me to search, I tried, but apparently the keywords I tried to use didn't work. Thus I'm posting this question.


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    for home defense I would say a decent shot gun would be great. actually I am just about to buy one myself. I have decided on the winchester model 1300 defender. it is not expensive and from what I hear it is a quality piece. the front sight glows so you can see where you are pointing in the dark. the magazine holds 8 2.75 inch shells or 7 3 inch shells. here is a link.

    as far as a hand gun for carrying. there are so many good one's to choose from. it really boils down to what is comfortable for the individual carrying it. some prefer to carry compact models for easier concealment others prefer full size. for myself I have both. I carry a full size witness .45 at the small of my back. or if my clothes don't permit that I will carry a tz-75 9mm in my front pocket. and just ordered a full size baby desert eagle 40 caliber that I will change up with the witness from time to time. the baby eagle has a very comfortable grip and is very accurate. some people don't like the weight though because it is all steel.. in fact all my pistols are all steel. I just prefer them. others prefer lighter models. as you can see there are many choices and again I say it comes down to personal preference. try stopping in a gun store and ask to hold as many as you can. if it's possible to rent I would try out shooting as many as you can also just to see which is more comfortable for you. hope this helps. good luck in your search.
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    Shotguns are always great. I would, however, recommend a 38 snub nose revolver. It could be used for home defense for almost anyone and it is a reasonable carry gun as well. In my opinion revolvers are a little easier for a novice to handle. I obviously think everyone should have some sort of firearm in there home, but remember, if you all are unfamiliar with firearms get some sort of safety training before you bring one in your home. Safety is always first. Good luck.

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    Shot guns are to long and unweildy and easy to grab if you have to go room to room. A hadgun can be held close to the body. A revolver is the simplest to use for those not as up to speed on the operations of it. Probably a snub nose 38 as DrDavidM has said. A 44 special is also a good round without the recoil of a magnum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefyMan1234 View Post

    On a second question, what kind of handgun would you suggest for personal defense that could be carried around for a novice.

    They all pretty much operate the same. The answer to your question is "The one that fits you best"

    Pick up every gun in the store, ignoring the price. Find the ones that you like best. Ask a ton of questions. If they don't answer them to your liking, go to another store. Of the ones you like best, narrow the selection down to the ones you can afford. Of the ones you can afford, decide which one has the most accessories. For example, you may just LOVE they Steyr .40, but there are no holsters for it. Go with the Sig instead.

    Brands to consider:
    Sig Sauer
    Springfield Arms
    Bersa (don't be fooled by the low price...she's a pretty quality firearm)
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    Oh yeah....Take a beginners handgun course. Then, go to a range that rents guns. Try many out.
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    I would suggest the new Taurus Judge revolver, it not only fires .45 long colt rounds, but is capable of firing .410 shotgun shells, I'am thinking that will be my next weapon purchase when my tax refund comes in.
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    I'll second what Doc said. Many ranges offer handgun safety classes. I'd start by taking the family to one. After that I nice shotgun is a great home defense weapon. If you want to stay away from a shotgun the best bet is to handle as many handguns as you can until you find one that fits your hand well. Then if possible see if a range near you has one you can rent. If they have different caliber in the same make fire them all. See which one you are comfortable with and I'd go with that.

    When selecting a carry gun decide the method you want to carry. (pocket, IWB, OWB, ect) Then look for a gun that fits your hand and can be carried in your selected means of carry. I have a Kimber Ultra Carry and a Kel Tec P3AT. I could carry the Kimber in my pocket but it wouldn’t be very comfortable. So if I need to pocket carry I take the P3AT otherwise I carry my Kimber IWB

    Hope this helps
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  10. From your statement I take it you are a novice.

    There are literally thousands of kinds of firearms to choose from out there. I will offer this, most novices find revolvers less complicated to operate. I would reccomend a nice snub nose 38 special either from Smith and Wesson or Taurus. They are very dependable and simple to operate. Newer versions have a lock built into the gun so you can simply insert a key and render the weapon inoperable in the event you have small children in the house.

    The other choice is a automatic or more correctly a semi automatic. Most modern pistols are this variety. They have more moving parts and you must learn how to perform an immediate action drill in the event of a jam. Some autos are great and rarely jam others well let's just say you get what you pay for.

    Shotguns are great for home defense and there are a variety of defense type shotguns out there. Many sporting goods stores sell them. They are a very man-ly type firearm not something many women would feel comfortable shooting. Ladies please don't take offense just my own experience speaking here. I know there are lady shot gunners who could put me to shame. One advantage of a shotgun is they do not penetrate as many walls as a high velocity bullet does. But any shotgun round capable of killing a intruder and thereby saving your life will penetrate at least one standard home interior wall. So aim it at the target that is critical with every firearm.

    I would suggest going to a local indoor shooting range and asking them for a little help. They often have many different guns to rent for a modest fee and you can then shoot several and see which one you like. They will also probably have a basic firearms class you can take. A lot depends on how the gun feels in your hands. I highly reccomend taking a basic firearms class you will learn a lot and it will answer lots of other wise unanswerable questions, like how it feels etc.

    What ever you choose you need to spend time shooting it and gaining the critical skills needed to use the firearm in high stress situation. Motor skills become impaired under duress adrenalin does funny things to you. So practice often and become proficient.
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    Alright thanks guys. Ya, we've got some gun shops and ranges around here so that wont be a problem.

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