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  1. CCW/Castle Law Question PA & NY

    I am looking at a possable relocation from Texas to PA. I have a CHL in Texas. I am not clear if my CHL is good in PA untill I swap it over.

    I would also like to know if I travel to NH through NY state if theer is a castel law that alows a weapon to be concealed in the vehicle, without having CHL in NY.

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    Castle Doctrine only applies to your home and curtilage, not any other place. If you want to carry concealed in NY you must have a NY permit, as they do not have any reciprocity with other states. NH does not honor TX permit, but PA does. If you want to carry in NH, you can open carry, but once you enter your vehicle, you are concealed carrying, so the firearm must be unloaded.

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    In order for you to be in Possesion of an weapon in New York State, You WOULD NEED your Pistol Permit from New York State. New York State does NOT honor any other States Pistol Permit ( Concealed Carry Permit) Use Extreme caution if you Carrying your weapon while traveling through New York State.

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