Why I chose a 9mm
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Thread: Why I chose a 9mm

  1. Why I chose a 9mm

    Because if SHTF, there will most likely be ammo for it. I suppose you could stock up on other types of ammo, but if you're on foot, carrying thousands of rounds of ammo just isn't feasible.

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    I prefer multiple types of calibers to have around so if your dooms day theory happens, I increase my odds of finding ammo I can use. Personally I like larger rounds than 9mm. I know there are studies that say it doesn't matter what you carry. When I was in iraq, I found the 9mm wasn't as effective as I had hoped. If you have a larger caliber, you shouldn't need to carry a ton if ammo. I talk to some guys that carry 50+ rounds on them. Why? You have to remember, you are responsible for every round that comes out of that gun

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    Just a thought, If you were in a position to get the bad guys ammo you can take their guns too.
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  5. 9mm amo is cheaper than 40's and will be ample for most .

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    IF SHTF - BIG if... and your that close to me, I really messed up! Or, your really good.

    Psalm 82:3-5

  7. I intended for "shtf" to be taken with a grain of salt. It's just to stir up conversation.

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    Cause I like saying "9mill"

  9. 9mm

    In a gunfight bullet placement is critical to survival.
    Practice is critical to bullet placement.
    Repetition is important to practice.
    Repetitive practice costs money.
    9mm ammo is cheaper.
    Therefore 9mm is more accurate (for me) on a fixed income.

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    I agree with raider-3. I like larger calibered firearms and if you make your practice count ghats all that matters. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

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    Regardless of your caliber choice, you have made a decision that works for you and I think that's fine. The 9mm is respectable even if not the largest caliber available or the most powerful. It is by no means the weakest and is more than adequate. What I'm saying here is that I respect your choice and am glad to see you are standing up for it. I like the 9mm myself and if I was not already "set up" in .40 I'd likely go with the nine. Be safe my friend and stay in condition yellow!
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