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Thread: legal to have firearms on school property

  1. Our Governor recently signed into law Mississippi bill 506. If you have a valid CCP you can then take an eight hour course and recieve an endorsement on your permit allowing you to carry your pistol anywhere you go including schools. The only exceptions are police stations, detention facilities and courtrooms while court is in session. I hope he runs for re election as I will definitely vote for him again. He also signed the law that now allows any person that legally owns a firearm to carry it in his/her vehicle fully loaded without a permit. Our vehicles are now extensions of our home, according to state law, and you have the same rights to defend them.
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    In Okla, you can have a firearm in the vehicle on school property. No carry into school tho.

    I would like to see Mississippi's 506 work here.
    Gun free zones are safe havens...........for criminals.
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