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  1. .327 Federal Magnum (?)

    Anybody have experince with the .327 Federal Magnum? Seems like a neat round. I'm wondering what it compares to i.e. .38 Special, 9mm, .380, etc in terms of both recoil and performance.

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    When I bought my SP101 357 there was also a 327 available. The dealer told me that the 327 was a good gun but the ammo would be hard to get! Don't know how true that is !!
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    I haven't heard anything, pertaining to the Ammo being hard to get.I searched over the Internet, and there was plenty availible

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    If you've never shot or been present when a 327 fed mag fires, you're in for a real shock when it goes bang. It really goes BANG, somewhat like a 357 mag, however a 357 mag it is NOT. There are those who claim its the right medicine if you're recoil sensitive, in comparison to a 357, HOWEVER, the ammo is a tad bit expensive...although readily available online, and in some stores.

    A 3" S&W mod60 is capable of 357mag, and is quite pleasant with 38+P, and will match that 327Fed if not exceed it at combat range. The 38+P is a bunch more common on the store shelves, and probably always will be, AND it'll be cheaper, and it will be seen 'on sale'.

    I was amazed at the ear pinging and blast-shockwave of the 327fed...way too much for no gain in performance over the 38+P...

    I believe 9mm will beat the 327 hands down, & the 380 will lag a bit behind (but be more concealable)

    The penetration charts of the 327fed shows it IS capable of being a self defense round, if that's your main concern.

    Good luck in your final decision...

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    In my opinion, if 357 is too much switch to 38's still using the same gun. 327 is just another caliber to maintain plus a different gun. 38 and 357 are popular enough that ammo should be available most everywhere in the future, 327 could be a short lived fad.
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    I'd like to see a 9-shooter in .327Mag, similar to the Taurus 608.

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