Already have a p238 do I really need the p290 9mm?
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Thread: Already have a p238 do I really need the p290 9mm?

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    Lightbulb Already have a p238 do I really need the p290 9mm?

    Currently I own the Sig p238 .380 (9mm short) do I really need the Sig p290 9mm? Many people will say yes because 9mm has a bit more power than it's smaller .380 but for the real difference between the two is there really a need to get the 290? What are your thoughts and why?

  3. It is nice to have more than one carry option and a backup is not a bad idea either. You may want to also look at the Ruger LC9 and Kahr PM9 and CW9.

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    I often carry an LC9 in my vest holster with an LCP in my pocket or IWB. Either weapon serves my desire for self-defense.

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    My thoughts are this, i carry a Glock-22 BUT am looking into a Glock-34 for match shooting. All in what you want it for

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    If you can afford both, get both. it gives you more options. Sometimes the clothes you want to wear are too small for the size gun and holster you want to wear. The Sig 238 is a great gun, but I usually want to carry a bigger hammer. I do carry a .380 as a BUG on occasion.
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    I usually have two guns at all times. My EDC is either a Glock 27 or an SP101 Hammerless. My backup is always the Ruger LCP.

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