Mossberg 500 for Home Defense
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Thread: Mossberg 500 for Home Defense

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    Mossberg 500 for Home Defense

    I just bought a Mossberg 500 Shotgun for Home Defense. Will be going to Outdoor Range next week to check it out. I have never shot a shotgun before. Do anyone have an opinion on the Mossberg 500 for home Defense??

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    It will do the job just fine if you do yours. Don't be in a rush to buy all the "tactical" upgrades. Learn to shot well with your new gun before trying to change things around.

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    Have one myself...only mod was a recoil reducing adjustable stock. Hangs on the side of the bed every night.
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    I have a Remington 870 Express, if the Mossberg 500 has similar recoil, a recoil pad is encouraged.

  6. An Excellent Choice!

    Mossberg 500 for Home Defense-20ga.jpg
    The Mossberg 500 is an excellent shotgun. I have one that served me well when I was an LEO and it is ready to go any time and any where. In some ways, I prefer it over the Remington 870 because of the location of the safety and the operation of the loading gate.

    My suggestion while you are at the range is to pattern the shotgun; shoot whatever you decide to use as home defense ammo (00 Buck, #1 Buck, #4 Buck, etc.) at various distances that would simulate distances that it would be fired at home. For example, what is the pattern of 00 Buck or #4 Buck at 7 yards, at 15 yards out of your shotgun. You are looking for the tightest shot pattern possible at combat distances. Most folks use a 7" circle for patterning. How many pellets are there in a 7" circle at combat distance of 7-yards?

    For my Mossberg 500 12 bore, #4 Buck could be devastating on someone's body at 7 yards and is my preferred round. I have a laser-equipped Mossberg 500 20 bore that I use for home defense and #2 Buck (when I can find it) patterns well at combat distances but #3 Buck is no slouch either and slugs are the preferred backup rounds.

    If your Mossberg 500 came with a full stock and a pistol grip, keep the full stock mounted and, as one commenter noted, add a recoil pad (I use a Pachmyr Decelerator), which lessens the impact of the recoil and adds an inch to the Length-of-pull. With the full stock, you can add a shell holder for spares and you will have better control over the gun.

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    Ummm... wear ear protection inside the building. (Couldn't resist.)

    Good choice. Just remember, at close range you can still miss! You don't need tacticool, you need accuracy.

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    Its a good gun. recoil is not too bad in my opinion, the 18.5 inch barrel (home defense) seems to give it a little more kick but not that much more. I have the mossberg 500 with the HD barrel by my bed, nothing fancy but I trust it.

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    that is my very first and only shotgun, bought it 4 years ago and never a single issue. i only added a shell holder (elastic kind- hate it, but does it job for now) and took out the plug (wooden piece inside the shell tube) so now it makes it a 7+1 gun and i have it loaded with winchester ranger 00 buck. recoil isnt bad untill u use full power rounds or slugs.

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    I like my Moss. 500. It came with a 28" barrel so I put an 18" or 18.5", I can't remember exactly, on it. I took a course on hd with it. I agree with everyone else that some sort of recoil pad is nice.

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    Ahhh...a Mossberg...I love mine (ours!) We go out to Kansas for target practice with it along with the AK...beautiful weapons both of them. Get use to it. It won't fail you...the feel of power...unbelievable!
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