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Thread: How far can you shoot a .45?

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    A bullet fired at a 45 degree angle can travel a more than a mile. I have some .22 mag ammo that states the bullet can travel 2 miles. I could only guess how far a 5.56 would travel. There have been documented kills from snipers well over a mile away. She was very lucky indeed!
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  3. Guys, 100yds is not that hard. My son has been shooting a Kimber .45 since he was 8 yrs and is now 20yrs and does groups at 50 yards and hits out at 100yrds.
    I myself can hit out at 200 yrds but can't shoot groups at 200yrds because of trigger pull and such.
    I could shoot a hell of a lot further walking them in and playin for fun. It's just a matter sighting in, raising that front sight up and lightly apply gentle pressure to the trigger. Oh, and no cross winds of coarse.
    You all will be amazed what you can really do with a hand gun when it starts feeling like an old friend. I have a few like that.
    So believing in 1 mile plus shots is easy for me because I sure as hell know I ain't the best. Just like a boxer, there's always someone better around the corner so don't pick fights...

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