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  1. Heizer Defense DoubleTap .45 Pistol

    There's been discussion on a forum I frequent, about the new Heizer DoubleTap coming out. Looks like a cross between derringer (which it is) and a tiny auto. Made of titanium, very light, ported barrels, two extra .45 ACP rounds store inside the grip.

    I can maybe see it as a deeply concealed backup -- maybe backup to the backup, a tertiary piece -- for someone who normally carries a .45 pistol.

    I've never been crazy about derringers. But for performance vs size, I figured the 9mm might be a decent derringer round. This tiny .45 is interesting.

    For the guys who hide a Seecamp .25 or .32 or maybe Kel-Tec P32 in deep concealment, this might be another option -- two big thumps in place of more tiny blows.
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  3. Or two big double birds right in the face of the scumbag attempting to liberate your lunch money.
    POW right in the kisser!

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    looks interesting.

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    Could someone provide a link?

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    Thanks, too bad they don't make it in 50AE.

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