Which Springfield Armory XD Models Come with Manual Safeties?
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Thread: Which Springfield Armory XD Models Come with Manual Safeties?

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    Question Which Springfield Armory XD Models Come with Manual Safeties?

    What models come with manual safeties? I am looking to buy a 9mm. Are safeties an option on all models? I know they have the trigger safety and the grip safety already.

  3. I have an XD-SC 40 and it doesn't have a thumb safety. I was curious from your question so I just looked at the springfield armory site and downloaded the XD catalog. It looks like there are two versions of Tactical and Service models: one with and one without an ambidexterous thumb safety.

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    Thanks it appears that only two models are offered with the manual safety a tactical 5 inch model and a 4 inch service model, both chambered in 45acp. Thanks for your help.

  5. oops, I forgot about the 9mm part. Glad you were able to get the info you needed. Good luck in your search. FYI: I also own a Ruger LC9 (okay, it used to be my husband's but then he suggested I see if I like it for cc and well, er, now it's mine). It's a small, thin gun and its recoil is not that bad. Sights are good, though point and shoot at defense distance is pretty darn good too. AND it has a manual safety. Just a thought.

  6. XD Models with Manual Safeties.

    I have an XD-40 and consider the XD and XD(M) pistols to be the finest on the market. I have had the XD-45 and now the XD-40, and hope to someday get the XD(M) 40 3.8-inch barrel. I happen to prefer the safety set-up on the XD line without the manual safety. I was trained not to trust manual safeties, as they can sometimes cause a weapon to fire when it is set. The XD and XD(M) pistols have three safeties. First, a grip safety, similar to the 1911 that served for 80 years, Then they have a trigger-mounted safety, which appears to function like the one on the Glock, except it is made of metal, not plastic. Finally, they have a firing pin block that prevents the firing pin from contacting the primer if dropped. To fire, both the grip safety and trigger safety have to be depressed. If one is not depressed, the weapon will not fire. I like the fact that the pistol functions like a double action revolver. You draw, aim and fire. This is not a weapon for a novice, so I am very comfortable with Springfield products. You have made a good choice, even if you do want a manual safety.
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    Since SA is a sponsor I thought I'd ask them:

    There are actually two models that come with a manual safety. The XD Service 4" 45acp (XD9661 Black & XD9663 Bi-Tone) and XD Tactical 5" 45acp (XD9664 Black & XD9666 Bi-Tone). They come with an external thumb safety.

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