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    Sorry if this has come up before, did a search and to no avail, can't find.

    I'm in MN and work for a company that is nation wide with a no firearms policy. The question that I am asking (I do work three days a week where it is either a really bad area or bears) is "what's more important, my job or my life?"

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    I'm not supposed to carry at work either but i do and nobody knows,thats what is great about pocket carry,(as long as you know you don't have to pass through any metal detectors)you don't have to worry about your gun accidently's up to you to deceide if your life or your job is more important.
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  4. That's up to you. I would assume that - for most people - your life is significantly more important than your job. (Maybe if you're a nuclear power plant operator and your plant is about to experience catastrophic meltdown, and you are the only person who can stop it by doing something that would kill you - or you could run away and live, *THEN* your job would likely be more important than your life. But that's subjective, and a made-up absolutist scenario.)

    But, the other question is, would NOT carrying a gun GUARANTEE your death? No, no it would not (unless you're in the military in a position that you directly and often go into a position to kill enemies that are armed and trying to kill you.) So it's not actually a question of "your life or your job", it's a question of "the risk of personal injury or death or your job." Has anyone else at your job been killed on the job, or travelling to or from the job, in the past? If not, then it's not even MUCH of a risk.

    So it's really, "your principles on the stance of personal gun ownership or your job."

    And that decision is entirely up to you to decide. If you can readily get a different job that can support your lifestyle that DOES allow you to carry your gun, then do so. If it would require a significant adjustment in your lifestyle (moving to another state, accepting a large pay cut, working hours that are severely detrimental to your personal life,) then you really have to decide how important your principles on personal gun ownership are.

    Right now, I work in the downtown of a large-ish city. I live in a safe neighborhood. I can bike commute, commute by bus, or drive. All through safe neighborhoods. My employer presently "doesn't bar" carrying a concealed weapon, legally permitted. Mostly because I'm sure the legal department just never thought about it. If something were to happen and my employer changed their policy to disallow guns, I would stop carrying. I enjoy this company, I enjoy my actual work, I am paid sufficiently to cover my family's lifestyle, I have good opportunities for advancement. The job market for my sector, in this area, still isn't that great.

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    Well if you work at a place and don't approve of the rules maybe you should change employers rather than break the rules. People that violate and or take advantage of the published rules are the ones responsible for our rights being taken away even further. Why would taking a gun where you know you are not supposed to be any better than the criminals doing it? If you were to have to use it you would be fired and probably charged with a crime.

  6. To explain a bit better, its a garbage company, and I'm not in the realm of a bad guy as I am a permit holder. A law abiding citizen. Same as the guy in Michigan, and he had to defend his life working for a national company (walgreens) and got fired. At least he wasn't dead. I have been in laments terms been fingered with the international sign for gun and followed twice in two years, just doing my job. Apparently they thought me just looking out for their safety and not running them over, was justifiable in reacting with their actions.

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    As far as I'm concerned my life, Concealed Carry,out of sight, out of mind. If you never need it great, but at least you know it's there.

  8. That's what I'm thinking. Might need a smaller gun though. Glock 19 or Colt Commander for now. Hence the term NOW.

  9. Concealed and nobody knows especially after seeing the story about the disgruntled employee shooting his co workers at the CA quarry

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    If you carry and they DO find out, say during a workers comp injury you are taken to the hospital where it is discovered, you would most likely be fired for breaking company policy. I don't believe it would affect the medical portion of your claim, but definitely could affect the financial side. Just food for thought.

    If you can't live with it, switch jobs. Don't lie about something you know they don't want.

    Psalm 82:3-5

  11. +1, QFT:
    Quote Originally Posted by Iam2Taz View Post
    If you can't live with it, switch jobs. Don't lie about something you know they don't want.
    Exactly. If it truly is "life and death" to you, then choose life - find another job.

    If you insist on CCing somewhere you're not supposed to, you are becoming the thing anti-gun people complain about: A criminal with a gun. (Of course, it depends on your exact laws:) In some states, being in a location with a gun knowing that guns are prohibited is trespassing. Period. No warning needed beforehand, no "give them a chance to leave". If you know your'e not supposed to have one, it's trespassing. And most states have "if you commit a crime with a gun, it becomes a felony," laws (which I think are stupid, but they're there - punish the act that is wrong, not behavior,) therefore you are committing a felony.

    If you think your job is worth (depending on your state laws,) committing a felony to keep, then by all means, commit the felony and keep your job - but don't go complaining if you get fired, charged with a crime, and have your Concealed Carry permit taken away. But if you ALREADY think that your job is so dangerous you need a gun, you'd probably be better off getting a new job.

    OR - lobby your work to have the rule changed. Present evidence for why you think it is a good idea, preferably with statistics.

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