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    I know you can go from 223 to 22 but can you go the oposite way or can you go to 7.62 if your shooting 223

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle Safety View Post
    I know I can go from 223 to 22 but can I go the oposite way by changing the bolt
    Yup. Just gotta change your rifle
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    You can buy a conversion kit to fire a 22 round in a AR, you cannot convert a 22 rifle to fire a 223. Have you ever handled an ar15 or a 5.56/223 round? If I misunderstood you question please say so.

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    If you have an AR style rifle originally chambered in .22 and you want to know if you can change the bolt out and shoot .223 then the answer would be no.
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    .223 to .22 sure - There is an app for that!
    .22 to .223 - Nope.. Unless you bought a true AR that had the kit in it already. I think there is a .22 M&P out there, but it is slightly different to keep people from doing exactly what you are thinking of.
    .223 to .308 - Nope... You need a different upper and lower. (Different rifle.) The length of the shell is significantly longer on the .308

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    nevative ghost rider....! no go from .22lr to a centerfire caliber

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