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    new one

    Just went to the local gun store and bought myself a new gun.

    Got myself my first 1911, I picked a Springfield to start me out.

    Got to thinking about it and thought that buying a 1911 on their 100th anniversary year would be the perfect time to buy one.

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    It's never a bad time to buy a 1911 :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig1911 View Post
    It's never a bad time to buy a 1911 :)
    Unless it prevents you from buying a Glock. Note, SC took the one-gun-a-month law off of the books a few years back.

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    One 1911 only leads to MORE!

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    Congrats on your new baby Springfield 1911!!

    Did your previous handgun(s) have thumb safeties? If not, I'd caution against carrying your 1911 until you've practiced several, make that many, many hundreds of draw strokes that include 'safety off' as you bring the gun to point until it becomes 'muscle memory' so to speak.

    I'd love to carry a 1911 (after I find it's preferred ammo as they can be finicky) but I've trained so much now without thinking about a thumb safety that I KNOW I'll forget it in an the adrenaline soaked horror of being attacked! I'd then be killed likely in the one to two seconds it takes to stab or shoot, just because I didn't take the safety off!

    Good training to you sir!
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  7. Congratulations on your new Springfield. I have several 1911 pistols and recently tested the Springfield Range Officer. For the money, the Springfield line of 1911s is one of the better out there. The Mil-Spec model is garnering my attention.

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    Congrats on that sweet gun. I sure would love to have one someday.
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