Do you conceal a PX4 Compact .40 (or 9mm)? What is your review?
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Thread: Do you conceal a PX4 Compact .40 (or 9mm)? What is your review?

  1. Do you conceal a PX4 Compact .40 (or 9mm)? What is your review?


    First time posting here... Looking forward to some great colaberation...

    I am considering my options for my CCW weapon, as my Beretta 92FS is a bit big maybe.

    I was originally set on a Sig P238 but decided that .380 was not a caliber I wanted to carry. I like the idea of a .40 S&W or .45.

    I have also decided that I dont want a Glock, mainly because everyone else has one (it seems).

    Then I came across the PX4, and while it looks like a great weapon, looks can be deceiving. So my question is:

    Do you carry a PX4 compact, and if so, what do you think of it? Specifically, how well does it shoot (i.e. is it poppy, accurate, etc.), is it comfortable to carry, etc.

    Please dont make recommendations on other weapons, as I am about to make another post specific for that... I would just like to get a feel for the PX4 specifically...

    Thanks in advance for your time!

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    I like the PX4. I would recommend the compact model and not the sub compact due to the trigger extension biting your pinkie finger.

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    I have a subcompact 9mm PX4 and I use a crossbreed holster for it. It is thick, so that was an issue at first, then I got bigger pants and shirts. All is well now.

    But that was a long time ago. They Berretta PX4s are good to shoot, not much recoil on the 9mm and 40SW the only issue is the safety/decocker is hard at first, you need to work on it a bit until it breaks in.

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    I am looking forward to reading this thread as I too am looking for a new compact CCW. I currently carry either my Beretta 92FS or my Beretta 96, and yes they are just on the border line of being too big to conceal. I have read that Beretta (notice a theme here) is releasing their new compact 9mm this month if not already. It is called the Nano and I am waiting to pick it up before I make any decisions.

  6. I have the full size PX4 in 9mm and love to shoot it. I am planning to CC it when Wisconsin's new law goes live and I get my permit. Based on recommendations here, I think I am going to get a Crossbreed holster for it. The compact and full size are basically the same except for length of barrel. A few in here carry the PX4. Beretta's new Nano is shipping right now and uses styling queues from the PX4. It is only 9mm right now but .40 is coming soon.

  7. No thanks to the compact or subby. I'll tote my PX4 F .40 thank you. It is a bit smaller than my other fullsize Berettas. Small enough to carry.

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