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Thread: Another "What do you recommend" thread, with some "what do you not recommend" too..

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    The Glock is not a fad, its popular because it is reliable, accurate and safe. Go with Glock, and don't look back.

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    I have to say I am not a Glock fan, but as noted above, there is a very good reason many people carry them.

    If you don't want a Glock, go M&P .40. Snappy, yet light enough your daughter could shoot it.

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  4. LC9 is my main CCW...Ruger is number 1 in my book...(American Made)

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    I'll throw in my recomendation for a Glock.

  6. I love all my Berettas and I don't like any auto that is double action only.
    That's why I abhor Glocks but I will quickly add that if you're ok with DA only, it's hard to beat a Glock for any price. (yeah, I had to hold my nose to say that but I am an honest man). As most everyone here says, get out to a range and rent a few and see what you like and feel comfortable shooting. THAT is the gun you need to buy and with no regards to brand. (Then buy it at Bud's Guns)
    Good luck and happy hunting!

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    To each his own - but I will add that Glocks are very forgiving. I mean they don't require a lot of attention, clean easier than many, easy to shoot, fairly accurate, lots of rounds, etc, etc. Also easy to sell and get the next one, because many people are familiar with it.

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    Glock 19, TruGlow fiber optic sights, extended slide release, lots of ammo, go shoot it. Best pistol in the world.

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    Will have to agree with Glock, great weapon, great customer service, and no matter what abuse you do to it, it will always go bang when needed...... CONDITION GLOCK !!!!

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    I am a huge fan of the XD I can conceal the 4" model but the compact would be even better. they have plenty of capacity, shoot great, and handle any ammo you feed it. I also like the grip safety as I feel like the XD has the best safety setup. I am also a big fan of the Ruger SR9c, it has a great trigger, shoots very well. I haven't put enough rounds through it to verify reliability but no hiccups so far. Personally I am not a fan of the tiny pocket guns unless used as a backup or you can't conceal anything else. I would highly recommend the crossbreed it is honestly the best holster I have tried, and versus other IWB holsters this one completely made the weapon disappear where others still showed a lump. Of course these are all personal opinions so take it for what it is worth. Your best bet is to go to a range that rents guns and try as many as you can. And don't give up on Glock just because so many people have them, they are great guns, maybe not as pretty or cool but they WORK and thats what you need in a defense gun.

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    Glock, XDM and Ruger. Shake and poor lead into target or zombie.
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