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Thread: Another "What do you recommend" thread, with some "what do you not recommend" too..

  1. Quote Originally Posted by gkeil961 View Post
    Will have to agree with Glock, great weapon, great customer service, and no matter what abuse you do to it, it will always go bang when needed...... CONDITION GLOCK !!!!
    I've never liked double action only autos by any mfgs and never will. If I wanted a long trigger pull every time I fired a shot I would shoot my Colt Python exclusively and carry speed loaders in my pocket. Much better double action than any auto I ever fired and that includes Glocks/Berettas/whatever.

  3. Since I didn't see price as a factor I will recommend an H&K usp compact. I carry one in 9mm but you can get it in .40 and .45 as well. They are just as durable and reliable and actually more accurate than a glock and feels a lot better in your hand. As for capacity 9 mil carries 13+1. All the controls are located conveniently located. Plus owners don't need to throw their's in the dirt to prove it's tough, we just know it's going to work every time. Recoil isn't bad at all in the 9 mil but if you went with the larger caliber in the compact model you can imagine the recoil would be a lot snappier. So like I said, if you are willing to drop $800-900 then you can't go wrong.

  4. Also there are several trigger variations (about 9 I think) depending on your preference. Standard they're all DA/SA with a decocker and the compacts have a recessed hammer so no snagging on your clothes.

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