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Thread: Would you help a civilian and/or LEO?

  1. Depends entirely upon the situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR:235553
    Depends entirely upon the situation.
    AGREED. My tendency, though, in general, would be to first see to the safety of my loved ones, then call 911. After that, the situation will dictate what I must do. At a minimum, I would try to be a good set of eyes for responding LEOs, and pass on as much intel as possible.

  4. What to do, what to do??

    I would always help the LEO. If he is stilll in control I would wait until asked. If he has lost control I'm on it. I am from NC and here is the law. If the LEO is in a fist fight I can not use deadly force, but I do have pepper spray. If the LEOs life is being threatened with a weapon then I will tell the to drop it or be shot if I have time, if not, well then the person intending to inflict possibly deadly force will be shot.

    As for a domestic. If there is a fight and the one who started the fight (lets say at home or outside a bar) attempts to use deadly force, and I know that, I can stop it.

    However, if the one who started the fight like a fist fight, threatens with a weapon like a knife, and the person being attacked pulls a gun, and the one that started the fight says "hey...it's off" and backs down, if I shoot him I go to prison. It is a fine line and sometimes confusing...and my SWAT Team trainer said it well. In domestic situations just become a good witness.

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    I would not help either a civilian or a LEO. The weapon is for my protection and the protection of a loved one who may be with me if something bad happens that involves me or my party. If the situation does not involve me or a loved one who is with me, I am ducking for cover and calling 911. There are too many situations where I could end up killing an innocent person and I will not find out my error until afterwards. This is a very serious (deadly) business and we are not licensed to practice law inforcement.

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    I'm going to agree with SaltCreek on this one.

    I would help the LEO if he ask for my assistance. Also in Texas you have no obligation as a CCW holder to assist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltcreek View Post
    As a retired LEO, I would not help the civilian. From experience, I have had men and women fighting where you think you are stopping a domestic, and they BOTH turn on you when you "help". A civilian has no experience to judge or know in most cases, who is the real victim and who is the perpetrator. You may end up in jail with them. Tell them your calling 911 and stay out of the way. Help the Cop if you can, but don't make your wife a widow.
    Darn! Took the words right outa my mouth, er, keyboard! I would help a cop. Even tho a percentage of cops are as crooked as the rest of us, if one is fighting for his/her life then the odds are usually in your favor that the cop is the good guy...
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    Isn't calling 911 and being a good witness while you make sure that your love ones are safe "helping" both without exactly determining who is the good or the bad guy? I think it is...
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    Wallyb brings up a real issue here.

    He is correct in a way. The firearm is for your protection and your family, and he is also correct that you do not have an obligation to assist.

    But what is the moral thing to do?

    would you be able to live with your self after something like this happends and the LEO is killed?

    on the other hand, what would happend if you injure an inocent during your aid and assistance?

    he is also correct a CCW does not give you the option practice law enforcement.

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    The circumstance of the given situation would dictate my response for whoever needed help. I did not vote as the poll is to vague.
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    Edited OP. Added instructions and scenarios. I was going for a generalization, not a specific situation. It's okay, we will go this way for now.

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