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Thread: Which pistol would you keep? Which would you sell?

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    C'mon.....that's like trying to decide which of your kids to sell?? Keep 'em all!

    (That is, of course, unless one of them is a real problem-child. If so get rid of that one)
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    I'd keep the .45's and dump the .40's.
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  4. Drop 'em all and buy a Kimber and a Beretta or H&K.

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    Glad we could help with that. Whew... too much work!

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  6. I say find a way to sell something else and keep them all.

  7. I would sell the Glocks and keep the Sig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotillion View Post
    I would keep both .40 cal glocks. They fit both needs and owning 2 guns in the same caliber is cheaper than owning .40 and .45
    Bingo, we have a winner!
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    I would drop the wife and keep the gun's. They are more dependable...But then again that's just me!

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    After owning or shooting other people's I have shot all the examples your talking about, I would keep the 23 first then the Sig, the subcompact's are great to conceal but are abit tough to shoot, a lot of muzzle flip, hard to do follow up shots, I will not get into the 40 vs 45 deal I have several examples of both, along with 9mm's and 380's and a couple of those NA 22 magnum's, and at the typical self defence range 15-20 ft I would NOT want to be shot with any of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valorius View Post
    I would sell the Glocks and keep the Sig.
    You said it for me.

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