Which pistol would you keep? Which would you sell?
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Thread: Which pistol would you keep? Which would you sell?

  1. Which pistol would you keep? Which would you sell?

    Hey folks,

    I currently own a Gen 3 Glock 30, Gen 3 Glock 27, Gen 4 Glock 23, and a Sig p220 fullsize.

    All of them I purchased new and shoot them all well. My question is if you absolutely had to sell two, which would they be?

    I have struggled with this descision and would like some feedback from others. Which would you sell? Which would you keep?

    I know I know, i should keep them all, but would like you feedback. Thanks.

  3. Well, of course this is your decision, but here are some things to consider. Your answers might reveal which you sell.

    1) which two are your favorite to shoot and why
    2) which will garner the most money back to you
    3) which two have the most sentimental appeal
    4) which ones cost less to buy ammo for
    5) which ones would you regret not owning anymore
    6) which two are your "go to" guns in most situations

    I'm sure others on the forum will have more and better questions. Again, only you will know the answer.

    Know thyself. A simple, yet powerful notion.

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    Sell the Sig first because Glock is better.
    Then sell the Glock 30 because I would rather have a smaller caliber in a subcompact gun than a .45

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    One of the .40s, if you like .45s better, or vice-versa.

    At least you worked things out so you have only two calibers to buy, not 4!

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    I would choose the Stingray to sell. Keep your Glocks. If you do, you are on my right side. <g>....
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    G'day and Glock

  7. I think I am leaning towards selling the two .45s. Keeping two .40s allows me to keep one caliber ammo (cheaper) and since they are both Glocks the 23 mags will be interchangable with the 27. 27 for a carry weapon and the 23 for the house. Ok I think that helps me. thanks for letting me talk it out.

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    I'm not a Glock person, so yeah, I would have to dump em'.
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    Do you have any other options, maybe selling a kidney or plasma? ;)

  10. I'd probably keep the 23. Its a solid size for concealed carry, but can take the place of a larger pistol if needed.

  11. I would keep both .40 cal glocks. They fit both needs and owning 2 guns in the same caliber is cheaper than owning .40 and .45

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