Why glocks run dirty
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Thread: Why glocks run dirty

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    Why glocks run dirty

    This is not my video! I found it tonight and thought I would share, this is strictly for entertainment, so please flame the guy in the video... not me.

    Warning.... this is 16 minutes of your life you will not get back..... but it is so worth watching. This guy spouts profanity, so stay away if you will be offended.

    I got an education from the video, not from the guy... I just feel smarter after listening to the guy.

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    This guy proves to me why I would rather own just about anything, but a Glock.

  4. What modern quality semi-auto doesn't run when dirty?
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    Nice video

    I have an xdm 9mm cant even put a 100 rounds through it with out it jaming. I oil the slide and it works for a while again. Hoping it will loosen up and do better the more i use it.
    Wish I would have seen this video before I bought the XDM

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    xdm 9mm will not run dirty

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    Glocks are known for reliability. They are ugly, but they are dependable and not ammo finnicky. Some will "poo-poo" Glocks in the same way they will disparage whatever football team that is kick'n butt and kicked thier own teams a$$, ya know? Aren't ya glad we can freely express opinions here? :-)

    About the video, I could not listen to the mouthy idiot past the 5 minute point. If he's not an idiot his mouth is betraying him, he just sounds like a mouthy truck driver to me.
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    I watched the entire video thinking I was going to learn something. I spent half the time trying to figure out if he was an idiot or if I had just suffered a stroke and wasn't understanding what he was saying.

    The only thing I really learned is that even though I know my HK like the back if my hand, I don't understand the mechanics of what keeps the slide attached to the frame. I know it us the take down lever but I can't picture in my head how. So at least the guy got me thinking.

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    Well he correct ask a glock armorer they barely need oil and they do run dirty. I noticed only non glock owners even posted.
    You may not Like him or his style but he is correct.

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    Ooh yeah...what is this super high tech grease that comes on new glocks? Are you guys holding out on the rest of us?

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    This guy has some good points, and quite an attitude problem haha

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