We must never take RKBA for granted. As Ronald Reagan said, freedom must be fought for with each succeeding generation. Those who hate firearms are always around, always watching for a chance to start in & whittle down this most important of all liberties. I warn my liberal friends that the 2A is the teeth of the Bill of Rights; that if it goes down the drain, other liberties will quickly follow. I manage to open a few eyes every now & then. NEVER give up on your liberal friends,family members, etc. Situations come up where you can say, "that's exactly what I am talking about", "what if that person had no guns", etc. Most libs are decent & well meaning people that have just been indoctrinated on the gun issues. Armatissime e liberissimi, most armed, most free. I once attanded a pro gun rally, across the street from a Million Mom March. I determined ahead that if I happened upon a MMMer with a flat tire, that I would give all possible assistance, offering a ride to the event for her/them, etc. Then explain that I was going to the other rally, but come back to my vehicle afterward, I would get them back to their vehicle or home. Didn't happen & was unlikely to, but would have been a perfect chance to show antis that gun owners are decent people, not so different from themselves.

Try not to get into heated arguments with such folks, anger & shouting are useless. Continue to show them the best sides of yourself & be diplomatic. In the long run, that pays off best.