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Thread: erie county ny pistol permit questions&answers

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    I would Safely Estimate that you should hear from the Pistol Permit Office around May 2012.
    this is only based on time frames,others have posted,and several friends of mine waited up to
    12-18 months. Its an slow,painful process in Erie County. Do you live in Lackawanna,because they usually do their own Investigation for your permit. You stated the Erie County Sheriffs called you for Interview Im a little confused. If you could clear that up for me that would be great Thanks.

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    when you requested your up grade, what explaination,or reasoning did you use. sometimes how you request,or word you request makes all the difference I know for a fact its not Judge Boller who approves or denies your request. its Will Fowler (head of Pistol Permit Office) im good friends with will after someone sends in their request go striaght to Mr. Fowler, and he reviews your application he either reccomends,or denies
    then it gets sent to Judge Boller for Signature. Ive posted this Info Several times on this site so that everyone knows who really approves,or denies your upgrade. if you would like help with this please PM me then we can talk and get you on the right path

  4. Update for my erie county pistol permit applicant friends i was called by the p.p. office today in regaurds to my refeance status for a friend of mine they needed my correct spelling they couldnt rean my last name so i spelled it then the girl said mr.glse your application is at the judges desk since the end september and you will be getting a letter soon . so i said oh ok thank's so im still at 4 months & 21 days. i was surprized by the call to my cell. never the less im still waiting.
    i'll update when i here something. jon

  5. I am from Upstate NY and in the military stationed in GA and have decided long ago I will never permanently return to that state to live. Once retirement comes moving back "home" will not happen due to the strict gun laws and high taxes. Too bad since upstate is a decent place other than that.

  6. thats sucks, 5 yrs what happens if in between now and then something occurs and you r in a situation you need a loaded weapon? now who's going to take the rap for that im sure i will get huntingg target even though i gave damb good reasons exeptible in any other neiboring state im assuming your from erie county.wish you luck and hope you dont come across a situation where you need it jon

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    New York state issues only one type of permit and that is for concealed carry. There is also a premises permit that allows one to keep a firearm at a home or place of business, not carry concealed. (We are NOT talking about NY CITY here).
    Any restricctions are put on by the local judges in New Yorks' different counties. Any hunting, trapping, hiking, camping restrictions etc. are put there by the county judges or clerks acting on their behalf. If you have a permit, hunting-restricted or not, go ahead and feel free to carry wherever you wish, within the law, but know the law. You can always join a pistol / shooting club that is open 24 hours a day, then you will always be coming from or going to your club, if the question ever arises. Those so-called restrictions should only be looked upon as suggestions.

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    Though some of your post are true. Yes New York issues Concealed Carry Permits.
    But Carrying outside your Restrictions will not get you arrested, it can cause the Judge to revoke, or suspend your Permit.

    There are no 24 hour Ranges in the Area the OP Resides. If you are caught Carrying Concealed at 1:00 am there are not to many LEO's that will buy your story.

    I dont approve off the Administration Restrictions that Judges put on your Permit. But, You must Follow the Laws.

    Most Judges, after having your permit for an year, will grant you Unrestricted Status.
    Unless you have been caught Carrying outside your Restrictions.

  9. Hi. I've got a few questions. I'm upgrading to carry for a per diem job for an electrician. The upgrade form has a notice saying that false statements are punishable to a class A misdemeanor and revocation of permit. What false statements could I make? The reason I as is that when I moved I filed for a change of address and my employment situation changed. When they made my new permit the clerk left out my new employment on my new permit (I think he was new and was orienting with an experienced employee). I don't want an inconsistency to get me in trouble. Does anyone know of any situations that this would result in fines or jail time? Any info anyone could give me would be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trophyhunter View Post
    There are no 24 hour Ranges in the Area the OP Resides.
    Tonawandas Sportsmens Club. Once you become range certified you get key allowing 24/7 access.

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    I believe this post has worn itself out.
    Yes, there may be 24/7 gun ranges in tonawanda that are not visable to the OP
    Myself it has no bearing on me holding an UnRestricted permit from Erie County.but for those like the OP who are Restricted to Hunting/Target could be treading on a thin line to be out at 0300 while in possession of an loaded, and or Concealed weapon.

    Too many Variables could influence LEO's at that time of the morning. Better to error on the side of Caution then to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

    Good luck to all of you, But none of this pertains to me any longer.It's like a rubber ball it just keeps bouncing back, and fourth. I'm out

    I mean no Dis-Respect to any of you involved in this post, but it's not going anywhere.

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