Californina Swat team missing guns
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Thread: Californina Swat team missing guns

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    Californina Swat team missing guns

    High-powered guns stolen from LAPD SWAT-training site -

    "I guess 'secure' is all relative now," he said. "It's embarrassing.... It's a lesson learned."

    This is not good.

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    Odds are these guns will turn up soon. The burglars will probably sell them and the police will find out eventually. A cop here in Colorado accidentally left his patrol car keys in the door about 2 weeks ago, his car and the M4 and bulletproof vest were stolen. Within 2 weeks they recovered it all.

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    Remember, only cops are responsible enough to have guns.
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  5. L a ,s finest

    Now everybody knows that cops are to perfect for something like this to happen. LMFAO guess they should have left off the stop for coffee and doughnuts and got they re ass to work.LOL

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