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Thread: What would God carry?

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    Glockians 4:19

    For whosoevereth arms himself of the Glock about his loins shall be girded well with strength and heavenly reliability and all else will return to dust and rust or bust before him.

    Glockians 4:20

    And let your light so shine at the end of your hexagonal barrel.
    Happily clinging to God and my guns...not at all bitter.

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    Matthew 10:34

    Think not that I am come to bring peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a bigass S&W .500 Magnum.

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    Luke 22:38

    And they said, Lord, behold, here are two .600 Nitro Express Revolvers. And He said unto them, it is enough.


    The videos on the link above are hysterical, the first one the guy is actually wearing a motorcycle helmet to fire the .600 NE. Apparently worried about the pistol flipping up and knocking him in the face from recoil. Stupid, huh?

    Then you scroll down the page and there's a guy shooting a .600 NE Thompson Contender.....and getting knocked in the head when he fires the pistol.

    Good stuff.
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    And Jesus said, "Went I sent you without a major credit card, fanny pack or sandals, were you lacking anything?"

    "Nothing," they replied.

    And then Jesus said, "The time has now come to take your major credit card, and also a CCW badge. And if you don't have a CCW Badge, sell your leather jacket and use your major credit card to purchace one at www.ccwbadges.com ."

  6. I see the software has a "Like" or thumbs up feature but it should have a thumbs down feature as well.
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    Take a close look at the Ring Nebula and tell me that's not the result
    of God farting some supernaturally heated burrito gas!

  8. Nothing. He'd just say "ZAP". EOM

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    He doesn't need to carry. He can just point his finger and say "BANG" and one big ass lightning bolt crispy critters you into ashes. How's that for a self defense weapon?

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    I was thinking of those blinding lightning bolts and the ability to turn people into pillars of salt too.

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