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  1. I understand your anger but I don't think a cocked and locked 1911 will go off from being dropped so no safety issue but its good they are paying for your grips

  3. What a situation! I too am so glad your daughter is better. And what a credit to you to have kept your cool in that situation. You had every right to be super mad and express it, and yet you had amazing self control. Nice that it paid off too. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks to all ! I received a check from the hospitol today, I turned in the receipt for new grips on tuesday 10/18/2011 that was quick.

    The check was also made out for $10.00 more than I submitted, and along with check came an apology letter from the administrator, and the gaurd

    who dropped my weapon.Im totally impressed, and blown away on how Mercy Hospitol handled the whole situation.

    As the saying goes 2 Thumbs up !!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle Safety View Post
    I understand your anger but I don't think a cocked and locked 1911 will go off from being dropped so no safety issue but its good they are paying for your grips
    Anything is possible. I've seen a Norinco 1911 go off when it was dropped while cocked and locked.
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    It turned out well so thats the main thing. Sometimes good things do happen!!!
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    You must be in a pretty pro gun State. In mine the hospital just slaps a sticker on the door and doesn't give a %^%$ what you do with your gun when coming into the building. You're simply supposed to either leave it at home or in the car.

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    Good to see the Hospital not only took care of the damage issue, but more importantly - they saw to your daughter and took good care of her. Kudos on keeping your cool in a stressful situation!

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    All those years as an RRT going in and out of hospitals, Dr offices, patient homes, etc and nobody was offended by or feared my gun. ...Oh yeah, it was concealed.

    Just kidding, for you trolling investigative LEO types...
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    A good ending to a possible bad story. There is one hospital in my area that does allow, or should I actually say, they don't have a no weapons emblem on the door to the hospital. Now, the building adjoining the main hospital, is a women's health center they DO have the emblem on the door. My wife was having surgery in the main hospital, so I had my gun. She recovered in the women's health building. My route from the main hospital to the women's health center did NOT involve the front door of the women's health building but utilized a connecting hallway off the main building. (confused yet?) I noticed the no weapons emblem on the front door and being a good boy, I took my gun to my truck and secured it. All was good. On the way out one night I talked to the security guard on duty and told him of my findings. He laughed and said, "I noticed that myself, funny isn't it?" He also said unless I waved my gun around, no one would notice and he doesn't care, he CCW's also. But I explained that getting caught or turned in wouldn't be worth the hassle. He agreed but assured me that personally he would do nothing. Just a story I thought I would pass along.

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