SC Gunshop Emergency
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    SC Gunshop Emergency

    Just saw a bunch of Police cars and yellow tape around the East Coast Gunshop in Summerville, SC a few minutes ago.

    Don't know what went on but I hope it's nothing like the last time a gunshop here in the Charleston area got hit. They killed Joe Howell of Best Bet Gun and Pawn, a good friend of mine, with a bullet to the back of the head.

    The guy that runs East Coast is retired Navy and turned his startup Cycle shop into a Gunshop after a few years cause he tired of bikes I guess.

    I was just wondering if anybody else knew what went on.


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    Apparently someone brought in Military Artillery Shell that was dug up during road work. Bomb squad was called to remove it.

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    Ever hear what happened?? Aunt lives in town, didn't know of anything

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    Yes I did, just today. Seems a guy came in and asked them if they could evaluate some old ammunition.

    Sure, the Gunshop guys say.

    The guy goes outside and brings in a live 4" tank shell he dug up on a construction site. Well they called the police and asked them to send their bomb squad down. They said they used the county and the county said they weren't set up for military ammo.

    They ended up calling the Airforce EOD guys and then they had to go to the construction site and excavate it because it used to be some type of ammo dump years ago.

    I guess the next time they will just go out and look at the ammo before the guy brings it into the shop.

    A little bit of a knee jerk reaction if you ask me.


  6. Should've took it to RedJacket where he'd get some respect.

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    They didn't give the guy any crap or arrest him or anything. He just didn't get to keep his tank shell.

    Yeah, Red Jacket probably would have blown it up themselves:)


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    Ya know Red Jacket would just say
    "Don't try this at home"

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